This remix has his own Cloudrider melodic vibe, hope you like it!


Daferra2 years ago

You got my vote!! Could you please give my track a vote too? I would be really thankful! : )
(Instagram @daferramusic - I'll follow back)

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X152 years ago

Voted ! So happy to be back with the beast "Nights Like This" ! Hear it and vote for it ;) Music is my life so enjoy ;)

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Rayllex2 years ago

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Matthew C
Matthew C2 years ago

Nice sidechain effect with the drop

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Ashkan2 years ago

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Yeach2 years ago

You have my vote !!!
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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison2 years ago

Hi CLOUDRIDER ! Just listened your remix and must admit that your work is really great, I really love it ! Voted for you ! You can vote for my remix by checking it on my profile ! Thanks !

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alipalbantani2 years ago

Good remix, boi.
Voted! Please vote back on my remix track. Thank you :D

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OUTBRST2 years ago

good Job!! Voted for you:) Would love to get a vote back!

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Clean_tone2 years ago

Nice drop, clean mix and amazing track overall! Voted! Please listen to our remix and give us your feedback.

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DNDY2 years ago

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

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Emill Sauce
Emill Sauce2 years ago

suena bien vote por ti , escucha mi remix down for anything y si te agrada vota por el , suerte

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The Z Bros
The Z Bros2 years ago

hello, your remix is very good....we like the melody and the's cool when we can compete with others producers so good and you're one of the...we voted...please check out our remix of "Down for Anything", we'd appreciate if you could vote for us....

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MINAM2 years ago

Nice track man. i voted it!!
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RedRR2 years ago

Amazing remix , i like what you've done. you definitely have my vote!
i'd appreciate it if you check out my new remix and vote back Thanks

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Scripted Drama
Scripted Drama2 years ago

Cool Track, I really like the idea. Voted. I hope you can also take a listen to my Statisfy remix
Good luck with your music!
Have a nice day.

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