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DJ Javed Mixing
DJ Javed Mixing2 years ago

Really Cool Track! I Loved it!
Please check out my Down for Anything Remix and Vote!

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MarcRay2 years ago

Nice one, got my vote :)

Score: 1
Lifted Dreams
Lifted Dreams2 years ago

Hey man, this track is sick, VOTED! Please check out my new track "FINAL BOSS" and VOTE if you enjoy! I also follow back on SoundCloud!

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Ferry Syah
Ferry Syah2 years ago

nice track, voted

Score: 1
Holt2 years ago

Thanks for the support man, voted

Score: 1
w3nco2 years ago

buen tema men votado espero que votes por mi

Score: 1
AVYVA2 years ago

Hey RAYLLEX! Voted back, followed you on soundcloud, thx for the Vote on my latest Track!
Best regards, AVYVA

Score: 1
Ashkan2 years ago

thanks for support...vb

Score: 1
×Björn×2 years ago

Voted 👍👍👍

Score: 1
Dzsing2 years ago

dope! voted!

Score: 1
Skull Bashers Music

nice track brother voted and supported vote back our track Universe too

Score: 1
Mike Tallway
Mike Tallway2 years ago

This is good :D I like it a lot XD

Score: 1
Rayllex2 years ago

haha thanks dude XD

Score: 1
Diagnosis2 years ago

Nice track Rayllex. Really like it. I voted for you. Please vote for my track "Vibes". Thanks!

Score: 1
Frank Thompson
Frank Thompson2 years ago

el ritmo es genial

Score: 1
SWORRA2 years ago

Good Song Voted , Voted Back ? =)

Score: 1
S.O.F2 years ago

Good music, voted!

Score: 1
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MASIS2 years ago

Great track bro
Voted back

Score: 1
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rex ted2 years ago

classy track

Score: 1
Dmitrii Stucalschi

I really liked this track. Just unbelieveble. Very beautiful melody. Voted!!

Score: 1
DREEW2 years ago

You got my vote!Great work and keep doing your best
Maybe you can listen to my track too and vote back But just if you like it.
Thank you so much❤️

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