Hi, We are Can Baond and HCY. We are both 19 years old. We decided to participate in the competition. I hope you like it. Thanks!


Gaurav Broducer
Gaurav Broducer2 years ago

Can Baond , Hi how you doing?
I heard your track it's good. I voted for you. The Track is Fabulous.
Keep Working hard and one day you will find success. Never lose hope in your life. That's what makes us great.
And please make sure to Check my Remix of Sam Feldt's Track and please give Honest feedback and Please Vote
I would really Appreciate. ^_^

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CitrusCrash2 years ago


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MANS PROD2 years ago

VOTED COOOOL just pls ca u tell me how te get the acapella !!?

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Sanche2 years ago

Bro it's lit 🔥

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Tas the Hill2 years ago

good track, dude definitely voted)))))))))

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Jeans Orvi
Jeans Orvi2 years ago

hey !! Cam Baond 🔥
good job I like that combination of sounds ah! I see that your effort to gain this opportunity to grow you have my vote I encsnto your theme want you to listen to my new production and leave your comment and your vote I would like you to continue on soundcloud to start following you and have my vote in your next releases

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Ashkan2 years ago

Its potentially good!!!!Voted(you can verify it)....you have my support...Please Consider my track "RAGE!!!!" and Tell me your Opinion about and if it deserve ,Vote me back

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Dj Russo
Dj Russo2 years ago

I voted back:)

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Bambi jerry
Bambi jerry2 years ago

Nice remix I vote ;) Please vote me & follow me Thanks a lot :)

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LUKES2 years ago


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Gulliverb2 years ago

Good track!! You have my vote...

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Haven2 years ago

VOTED BRO!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 ᴀ ǫ ɪ ʙ ᴍ

Nice track , I voted back

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virenviru2 years ago

Voted nice work,,,,i think u have voted me too,,,can u share my track plz among people

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Malfunct1ous2 years ago

Really digging the grooves and the vibe, from the start it grabs you with a teaser of the chorus and when the chorus hits it hits full on. I think the mixing needs more work tho, kick and bass are shy, I hear fighting frequencies between the vocal and piano (listening on normal speakers). Damn awesome remix tho. Well done guys and keep up the good work. Voted.

Would appreciate your feedback and a vote on my remix too.

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Appareo2 years ago

Congratz to #1 rank! Voted:) I've got a remix of the song as well if you want to check it out, at rank 21🦋

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Gustavo Lopez
Gustavo Lopez2 years ago

good job


if you like you can vote for my last remix and anything you want I will gladly help you

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Baptiste Saunier
Baptiste Saunier2 years ago

Very nice Remix. I voted because it deserves it. Well done :)
I also did my Remix of Sam Feldt's Track and please give Honest feedback and Please Vote :)

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eternal992 years ago

Mix could be better but over all really good!

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delarosa2 years ago

Hey guys, nice job on this remix. Voted. Pls check out my latest track "No Angel" and vote / comment. Thx.

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