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Peter Pinehiller

voted! vote back my TRUE LOVE ! thanks!voted! vote back my TRUE LOVE ! thanks!

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Daferra1 year ago

You got my vote!! Could you please give my track a vote too? I would be really thankful!! : )
(Instagram @daferramusic - I'll follow back!)

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Numb1 year ago

Good track man...
i voted!
plz vote back for my remix "Down For Anything" if you like it!:)))

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Rayllex1 year ago

Good Job ! VOTED 🔥 , You can Verify my vote🙌 .
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Also Follow me on SOUNDCLOUD & I'll Follow you back.....
Thanks & Best ....................

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BLUE71 year ago

I really love the chilled vibes of this remix well done and good luck from BLUE

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Gaurav Broducer
Gaurav Broducer1 year ago

Rizlix , Hi how you doing?
I heard your track it's good. I voted for you. You know just do a little bit more mixing in your remix.
Overall it's a nice track
Keep Working hard and one day you will find success. Never lose hope in your life. That's what makes us great.
And please make sure to Check my Remix of Sam Feldt's Track and please give Honest feedback and Please Vote

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