Jaxx Nevoa

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DREADLEE.11 months ago

Sick dude...voted for sure... Check out my track too and please vote it.

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N.B.L11 months ago

Nice track man ! I like it ! you have my vote ! can you vote back for my track " Euphoria" pls i need your support !!

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Ashkan11 months ago

Man!!!!!!!!...GoodJob!.....i voted for you...Do you Vote me?...im on top 5 and i believe you deserve it too...please consider and vote if it deserve...need your Support.

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Tebi11 months ago

!I loved your track! I leave you my vote! and I invite you to listen to "In Peace Now" my last track! and help me with your vote!!

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X1511 months ago

Voted ! The summer is coming ! Celebrate with good music : "Nights Like This" ! Hear it and vote for it ;) Music is my life so enjoy ;)

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P.B11 months ago

Voted for you!
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It’s my song for the festival season.
Say what you think and vote for it, if you like it :)
Revive all the memories of your last Festival!!

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Terry Kingsley
Terry Kingsley11 months ago

nice work man . please vote me back for my new track "Strange dreams"

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HISO11 months ago

Nice work, voted ;) Check out my track "Damru" if you like

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Giuseppe Arena
Giuseppe Arena11 months ago

Voted for you. give a vote back on my latest track "I Like The Way" please ? :)

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Pauliee311 months ago

Great work man, definitely got my vote. please vote for my track " Don't Make Me Look Back'

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Mu Leonis
Mu Leonis11 months ago

awesome stuff man, you've got my vote! please vote for my track "got it"

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ZangoZoo11 months ago

AWESOME!!!!! Got My Vote !!!!

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Minik Rosing
Minik Rosing11 months ago

Lit track bro! Love the vibe and the energy. Definitely got my vote! If you’ve got the time please vote back on my new single “Fuse”. It would mean the world for me! Thanks, and keep up the good work! Got my support ;)

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Harmi11 months ago

God Damn this is good

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matheus.v.a11 months ago

vote for my track!!!

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Youth Wonders
Youth Wonders11 months ago

Voted!!! awesome track man!! we have to collab hahahahaha

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SummerTide11 months ago

Great track!!!! Check out my latest track By My Side Now! You wont regret it!

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Seanyy11 months ago

Solid work dude. Voted!

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AntonMunter11 months ago

Nice work, voted ;) Check out my latest song "Run Away" if you like!

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ALEXO LXO11 months ago

Voted! Ur Song is greaaaat! Vote for me please!

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