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THE HIT1 year ago

Hi jaxx, amazing sound, i like it and voted! to anyone reading this comment could you please vote my song "OASIS" thanks!!

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Bambi jerry
Bambi jerry1 year ago

Amazing sound & Vibes, Voted
Can you listen to my last track and say what you think ? Follow me here and on SoundCloud, it will make me happy

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P.B1 year ago

Voted for you!
Listen to my new song Festival Vibes.
Say what you think and vote for it, if you like it :)
Revive all the memories of your last Festival

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X151 year ago

Voted ! The weekend is coming ! Celebrate it with good music : "Nights Like This" ! Hear it and vote for it ;) Music is my life so enjoy ;) 🔥🌴💦

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I admire your track🔥. Very good work and beautiful melody. Voted!!! Can you take a second to follow me on soundcloud and at CHIMMY2811, Instagram chimmygarrix28 and vote my track>>>>>>ELECTRIFY<<<<<< and I will follow you back!....

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Nice! You have my vote. What an amazing track! Let me know if you like my latest track BLUE PANDA and vote if you like it!
Thanks a million

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Oporunndergroud1 year ago

Vote !!!!! Please vote for my new song. Vote on my followers, please support me .. If you guys support me, I will support you !!!!!

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SXT911 year ago

erg leuk, ik vind het echt leuk

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ShittyBeatz1 year ago

Nice, voted! \[°|°]/
Pls check out my track ,,We are RUDE" and vote it if you like it :)

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Mihir Jha
Mihir Jha1 year ago

Voted!!!!! Please Vote Back My Track "Terror". I request you all and to JAXX NEVOA to vote my track.. Please Support me.. If you guys will support me i will support you!!!!!

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MikeRowdZ1 year ago

Good to hear something good on the top 1 .

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shafzz1 year ago

Hey !
Congrats on you new Release ! really feelin the vibe here :)
You have my Honest Vote !
Meanwhile I uploaded a remix of (Chainsmokers-Roses)
It would be very generous if you could drop me a vote if you like the the remix ?
Thanks !
Looking forward for your feedback !

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Mitjha1 year ago

I made a future house track too! check mine!

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Noah Ayrton
Noah Ayrton1 year ago

Hey man, I'm trying to go through everyone's tracks and give some solid feedback so you can improve and get better as a producer but first of all, I just want to say that I loved your track as it was very unique and the melody was so catchy and overall just fantastic. I will definitely vote for this! (Be sure to check supported tracks).

I found myself humming the melody after listening to it several times! I can tell that if you keep working hard, there is no doubt you will make it one day!

The only thing I can say you need to work on is to make your kicks more hard hitting as they were a bit too soft. Try and add some sounds that fill out the middle end of the eq at the drop as it was a bit to bright but other than that, amazing track.

I was also wondering if you could check out my new single “You Gave Me” and maybe you could vote for it as that would be a huge help. Thank-you!

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Motrix1 year ago

I like the rhythm you have going during your drop. Great track overall.

I released a new track titled: "Clockwork". Check it out if you want.

Keep making great music!

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vofevepem1 year ago


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Steve Yoo
Steve Yoo1 year ago

OUT NOW!! My New track "Blue Sky" Enjoy!

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KOALLAI1 year ago

Really good :)

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tmplates1 year ago


please check out my remix for "down for anything" and vote :) would be really nice! :D

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Unethi1 year ago

great vibes going on :)

if you got time, check out my track 'The Lost Tribe' if you like bigroom/psytrance, i'm giving the flp away for free!

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