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Alx & Gbr
Alx & Gbr11 months ago

wow beautiful I vote for you. great . please rate my new track Black Shadows

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XERHO11 months ago

Great work WALTK , good luck on your way to the top!
You got my vote and I need your support too!
I hope that you can help me out and check my latest remix out for musicbylukas, maybe leave a vote if you like it, i promise you won't waste your time on it!

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Bass Sky
Bass Sky11 months ago

Im bass sky leaving honest review to everybody, THANK YOU FOR LEAVING YOUR VOTE IN MY SONG ---- ( SLIDE ) ----

very good mastering that bass kills it :D voted for sure!

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Gyllenskepp11 months ago

Nice bass thru the whole song, great mastering to!
keep up the good work, u have my vote!

Please check out my remix, Still In Love,
Vote if u like it! :)

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Rob Brooks
Rob Brooks1 year ago

Nice job you got my vote fam can you please do the same for my song MOJO

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Loki.1 year ago

Hear my new House track ´Memories`, enjoy this chill vibe, vote and comment what you think!

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Eternal Zoom
Eternal Zoom1 year ago

Zoomtastic ϟ∞_∞ϟ

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DJ Gaspard Olivier

wow voted & i follow you

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Clyde Urban
Clyde Urban1 year ago

I just randomly stumbled upon your profile, it's a damn shame that this tune didn't get signed to Spinnin', you sir definitely did an amazing job here.

Now, with that said, i would appreciate if you could take the time of your day to check out my latest tune 'Generation Bounce' and leave a vote and some feedback, i promise you are not gonna be disappointed and you will help me out big time my man. Thank you very much

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Sredensse1 year ago

Good sound.
I love it.
keep it up.
I supported you.
Best wishes.

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AraasOfficial1 year ago

I vote for it. Please check my new track "Summer Night" and vote back. Good luck!!

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ADRivero.1 year ago

I loved
you're very talented

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R.A1 year ago

WALTk head over to my page and check out my latest remix of Lindsxy Mesenburg's 'Why Do I Try', Good luck and cheers in advance!

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Bauman1 year ago

Great Job!
Supported & voted.
Please vote back on my track "Lost"
Thanks and good luck...

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Dj_Alex_Sanchez1 year ago

Awesome track. good low vibes voted!
please vote for my track New Beginnings and follow me on soundcloud and i will follow back

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D3AD_M0Ji1 year ago

Awesome track! Voted! Please check out my newest track 'Masquerade' and if you like it please vote!

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shafzz1 year ago

Hey Waltk!
I don't want to lie , Im here to vote and get votes.
I made a new track as well called (NO REGRETZ),
Drop me a vote will ya ?
But if you follow me on soundcloud I will follow back and also listen to your latest track.
For now you have my Vote 100%
Best of luck !

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TeenageBuddha1 year ago

Lets get working. You vote for my Track "WHEN LOVE TURNS" and i'll vote back ASAP

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ALAN.V1 year ago

J'ai voter pour toi, tu peut voter pour mon remix de "WILD CULTURE" Merci !

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TeenageBuddha1 year ago

So here's a thing. You vote for my song "When Love Turns" and I'll vote for your song

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