Run Away

Anton Munter

I wanted to make something diffrent that I havn't tried before.


Ashkan2 years ago

Man!!!!!!!!...GoodJob!...i voted for you...Do you Vote me? on top 5 and i believe you deserve it too...please consider and vote if it deserve...need your Support.

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LAFAYETTE ✪2 years ago

Awesome stuff ANTON MUNTER ! 🔥
Also, that's quite an original name !
You definitely got my vote !
Could you please vote back for my new track "Goutte" ?
Thank you so much!
You'll get to the top 10 for sure !
I'm currently on spot number 5 and hope to see you join me soon !

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Lusitany2 years ago

Nice track! Awesome sound!

Voted. Vote back on my track "In The Party"

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Thanks and good luck!

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Nеko2 years ago

Great Job
Supported &voted
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Thanks and good luck!

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the Voyager
the Voyager2 years ago

Hey! I really like the vibe of this track! I voted for your track because I can tell that you've been working on creating a sound that is unique to you and if you keep working to do what you're doing you're definitely going to get where you want to be!

If you want, feel free to stop by my Soundcloud and follow me, you can also send message me and I can give you more in-depth feedback or comments on your tracks.

Also, I did just release my new track 'Satellites', so if you wouldn't mind checking it out and letting me know what you think I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and have a great day!

the Voyager

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LO-KOST2 years ago

Nice track !
I'd be grateful if you checked my bootleg of DJ Snake – Magenta Riddim !
I’m currently number 17 and it would be great if you could help me to go up ! :)

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️2 years ago

Hey Anton, I voted! Take a second to follow my Soundcloud : maxmaddmusic
Good luck!

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delarosa2 years ago

Cool sounding track Anton. Voted. Pls check out my track "No Angel" and vote / comment. Appreciate it.

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

Voted! Vote back my TRUE LOVE! Thanks!q

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SKGN2 years ago

Voted for you. give a vote back on my last track "No Tomorrow" please ? :)

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NIKHL2 years ago

Voted. Vote back my new track.

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Voilan Music
Voilan Music2 years ago

This track is amazing, i like it, you have my support:) Please vote my song VOILAN -TO THE SKY...

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ReyMod.com2 years ago

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Orchester2 years ago

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