Here my Remix for The spinnrecords Contest Pls vote me and i will vote you back Hope you enjoy have a nice day FusexRush:)


Baptiste Saunier
Baptiste Saunier7 months ago

Nice sound, a little too repetitive with the woody sound but it works fine. Nice Bass man! Check out my remix and would love your fedback too. I m voting for your track <3

Score: 1
ArtyParty7 months ago

Definitely a different sound!! I really dig this. You got my vote! Check out my remix and let me know what you think! thx

Score: 1
Moilatch7 months ago

This is so good Fuse and Rush ! VOTED and followed u ! <3

Please Vote for our new Remix aswell, so we can help out each other ! :-)

Score: 1
Mister Wright
Mister Wright7 months ago

Amazing remix. You have my vote! Please vote back if you like mine!

Score: 1
Mersii7 months ago


Score: 1
BadMusic7 months ago

nice remix.

if you want, take a look at my remix too

Score: 1
JIMMI7 months ago

Wow Such a great Remix , You TOTALLY HAVE MY VOTE BRO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep up the good work

Score: 1
eicos&Diver7 months ago

hei friends,

great remix,
Vote for you,
please listen to my remix,
and leave vote and comment there if you want

good luck,
greetz eicos & Diver

Score: 1
Janden7 months ago

Nice Drop ! Please vote for my version :D

Score: 1
WME7 months ago

I Voted.
Please check out my soundcloud ( /wmesound )
Thanks For the support

(That Drop is on point. perfect.)

Score: 1
ShittyBeatz7 months ago

Nice! Voted! Pls vote me back, if you like my remix :)

Score: 1
VuSonic7 months ago

Sweet remix. Good to see u back. great intro and I love the drop.
Keep up the good work

If u get the chance come check out my mix

Score: 1
Erland S.
Erland S.7 months ago

Good Track, I'll give vote for vote, just comment on my profile.. 'Love myself'

Score: 1
Ch3mical Productions


Voted 100%
Never Disappointing!!
Been Shadow following your music and what can i say other than....
Great stuff

Drops on point
Synth is on point with that pauses hanging us in the crowd

Much Deserved all the best to you!!

If you could check mine out too would be much appreciated.

Best Regards
Ch3mical Productions

Score: 1
Kenneth V
Kenneth V7 months ago

nice beginning with the marimba kinda sound, the build up is a bit weird with the vocal pitch, work on that ;-)

Do you wanne take the time to check out and VOTE for my remix of Love Myself 😘😃
Thanks you very much for your time 😝

Score: 1
KHAmusic7 months ago

Nice mix! I love the drop! Voted! Feel free to listen to my remix!

Score: 1
BadMusic7 months ago

Good Remix

Score: 1
Dewei7 months ago

really good track bruh :) , voted

Score: 1
Mister Wright
Mister Wright7 months ago

Really like it, especially the tropical and fluty vibes! Got my vote! Vote back if you like mine :) cheers mate

Score: 1
KEYROZ*7 months ago

Good track voted! Can you vote for my track too?

Score: 1