Séthi 1er
Séthi 1er10 months ago

Voted ! Great work bro... good luck & best wishes for your project, hope you vote back at my new track( i love the party )thks.

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michael clark
michael clark10 months ago

Very Good Track !!

I Love this deep house with this Vocal !! really good ! and very Good for Spinnin !

Please tcheck my Sound "I Believe Paradise "

All Best !

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Duplex Bassline
Duplex Bassline10 months ago

Great Song!🔥 Voted!✅
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DJ DEN10 months ago


Very nice Track! Well done! I'm VOTED for you!
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I have invested a lot in this track, I tried!
Thank you so much for such great support!

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See you,

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3MA D3LGADO10 months ago

I love this very good
If it's not too much trouble vote for my songs please
Greetings from Costa Rica
If you ever need a collaboration listen to my songs maybe we can make a good song.

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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann10 months ago

Great track, keep this good work up! I voted for you :)
Check out mine and Darvii's new track "Level Up". Please help us to bring it up by voting back for it if you like it.

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Joel Phoenix
Joel Phoenix10 months ago

Проголосовал !

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Donzi Simano
Donzi Simano10 months ago

Love this!

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YA-YA10 months ago

thank you.. ;)

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FoxFX Music
FoxFX Music10 months ago

Good song! Love the vocals! Voted. Please vote back for my latest, "Bounce That Groove." Thanks!

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YA-YA10 months ago

voted thx

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vertwhomakesmusic10 months ago

Nice! Voted! Check out my track "The Book Of Death" so we can exchange our votes? Thanks!

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TheLoser;10 months ago

I´ll vote for your track if you´ll vote for my latest “Come On Bitch (Let´s do some Party) ft. Samantha W.".

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YA-YA10 months ago

OK. thx

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Bargus10 months ago

Hi bro i love it and voted. Check out my latest track ''One Pound'' and vote me please :)

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MAHDI10 months ago

Nice track, Voted and supported, give the voted back and keep it up

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D3ARD4N10 months ago


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Dmitrii Stucalschi
Dmitrii Stucalschi10 months ago

My name is Dmitri Ramsey
I listened to your track. This is a very cool and high-quality track.
If you can easily vote for my last track Poker
You can also go to the SoundCloud And like my track and I like your track in soundcloud
thank you in advance

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YA-YA10 months ago

thank you so much.. :) of course I will.. ;)

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YA-YA10 months ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support.. ;)

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Beatsta11ionz10 months ago

Thumbs up ! Voted :)

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Calm Winds
Calm Winds10 months ago

Congratulations, Your track will be among the best, !!!!, I'm glad that my vote is there for you, you have talent bro I hope you do not forget to listen to my music!

Thanks Bro, Success, all good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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movers & shakers
movers & shakers10 months ago

Congrats on making it here! Absolutely voted for you. We are a free promotions team focused on promoting new talent. Re-posting fresh new music from all over the globe. Make sure to add and follow us and be sure to check out your track that we have already re-posted on our soundcloud.

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Fatih INCE
Fatih INCE10 months ago

voted! vote back my new tracks. Make Me Yours! Thanks!

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