Elizaveta Vladi - Noir

Elizaveta Vladi

To be honest, "Noire" frightened me at first. His dark synthetic layers, enveloping the space of my room, and his oppressive atmosphere, gloomy and infinitely beautiful, with difficulty formed into a single whole. Continuing my experiments, I could not imagine that I would come across a similar "electro blues" that reminds of "WhiteRabbit" from Jefferson Airplane or something of this kind, that filmmakers like to use in drugthriller movies.


Emeth Paul
Emeth Paul2 years ago

Three letters... WOW! You got my vote! Can you vote back my track ,, You and I ''? Lets help each other !

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JLNG2 years ago

Crazy track! Voted, Elizaveta Vladi!
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D3AD_M0Ji2 years ago

Amazing track! Voted! Please check out my newest track 'Masquerade' and if you like it please vote!

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LUAN VEGAS2 years ago

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Dracke Blade
Dracke Blade2 years ago

wow this song is very reallly wow congratlations ... please listen mi song (alone)

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Atom of Soul
Atom of Soul2 years ago

Melodically... Original... My vote! :)

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Jose Correa
Jose Correa2 years ago


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LLISO2 years ago

Good work!Voted!Please vote my new track

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Strange Melody
Strange Melody2 years ago

Sounds nice and impressive, voted!

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ALAN.V2 years ago

I voted for you, could you vote for my remix of "WILD CULTURE" Please thank you!

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Sam Silver
Sam Silver2 years ago

I like how you "introduced" the piano! Nice tune. Voted!!!

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Alex Gatcina
Alex Gatcina2 years ago

Voted for Noir. give a vote back on my latest track "Scared To Be Lonely Remix" please? :)

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X152 years ago

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KALIGEM2 years ago

Such a nice quality of work!!! Good luck!!!!! Can I actually play this track on my set? Is it available somewhere to download?

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BLUEWULF2 years ago

sounds great love this sound

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Sylvaino2 years ago

Very cool! Please vote for my last track called Battle Ground. Thanks!

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Speeker2 years ago

love it, voted for you

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ALAN.V2 years ago

Amazing <3 !

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LU4N2 years ago

Nice Track, Voted Back

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XXP2 years ago

U ot my vote back bro!!

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