Elizaveta Vladi - Noir

Elizaveta Vladi

To be honest, "Noire" frightened me at first. His dark synthetic layers, enveloping the space of my room, and his oppressive atmosphere, gloomy and infinitely beautiful, with difficulty formed into a single whole. Continuing my experiments, I could not imagine that I would come across a similar "electro blues" that reminds of "WhiteRabbit" from Jefferson Airplane or something of this kind, that filmmakers like to use in drugthriller movies.


DNDY1 year ago

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The Fox From Nox

Good luck:D

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DropDrage1 year ago

Cool and Powerful! Good Luck;)

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Exodipe1 year ago

Wooo Very Good Sound Top Spin For me !

Good Quality ,Good Melody Very groove

Voted Sur !

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Erland S.
Erland S.1 year ago

Good Track, I'll give vote for vote, just comment on my profile... - 'Love myself'.

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M.X1 year ago

Great song BRO, voted, if you could, please vote for my new song "Find my way", thank you :)

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Kaashu1 year ago

Hey elizaveta, great track, i seriously liked your sounds design and arrangements, and i voted you for sure, this may sound very robotic but please check my track Kaashu - Before i loved you, and if you liked it, then please support me too.
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Dave Wuji
Dave Wuji1 year ago

Hi Elizaveta! Thanks for your support on my latest track "Aaja ve Maahi"! Great track you got my vote!

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TeenageBuddha1 year ago

Good Vibes.! Voted "WHEN LOVE TURNS" is my song..! Please vote back on it Hey could you please

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KROSSROADZ1 year ago

Hey man, loved your track as it was unique and sounded extremely professsional. I will definitely be voting for this!

The only thing i can say to improve on is to try and make your kick stand out more in the mix as its a little bit to quiet but other than that, great track!

I was also wondering if you could check out my new track called Butterfly Effect and maybe vote for it as it would be a huge help, Thanks

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Real Jatin
Real Jatin1 year ago


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Grooming941 year ago

this track is fantastic,
I enjoyed so here is my voteπŸ˜‰
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WME1 year ago

I Voted.
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Thanks For the support

(I Love the flow of it. that beat is sick)

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JABG1 year ago

Que gran trabajo bro! Sin duda que tienes talento! Sigue asi! Tu puedes llegar lejos votadooo

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ZiHjERiUS1 year ago


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H#Tag1 year ago

nice I like the drop

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VuSonic1 year ago

Done and done good to here from u again
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Maxim White
Maxim White1 year ago

Voited Vladi!

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DJ ENI1 year ago

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