Boy I Like by Bcaizm is an original Moombahton fusion styled track, with a worldly feel.


Tonino Cataldo Dj
Tonino Cataldo Dj7 months ago

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Bayoumi Beats
Bayoumi Beats7 months ago

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dj FUCK1
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The Mixer Man
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jTΛCTIC58 months ago

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AlucardOfficial8 months ago

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DARKYLOSE8 months ago

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aaaaxxxx8 months ago

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LOUDstudent8 months ago

I listened to your track, and i felt all the elements were well mixed except the bass, for me it didnt come out strong enough, could be my addiction for bass (lol) the chorus had tons of bass in it though so good save, if you have the time please listen to my track as well, "Zoya", Thanks! Would love your input of what you like or dislike about it.

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ZIVIO8 months ago

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Andre Mruiz
Andre Mruiz8 months ago

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VAZE8 months ago

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ADRivero.8 months ago

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HM4SLR8 months ago

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Navy Blue
Navy Blue8 months ago

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@LaHeydiPa8 months ago


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M4SSIVE MUSIC8 months ago

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spizlet8 months ago

nice melody really stucky type melody you got here hope you will check mine too and let me know what you think about it

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MatthewCastro8 months ago

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