Juan Cruz Colavita

Hey guys I’m back! Hope you like my last track! Don’t forget to follow me on social media.


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Dante Davis2 years ago

I like what I hear. You have my vote. Maybe vote on my latest track too? Check it out I won't disappoint you.

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Elys.2 years ago

Great Job!
Supported &voted.
Please vote back on my new track "Summer"
Thanks and good luck!!!!

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Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi2 years ago

Hello, I voted for you, please vote for my new track "Loneliness". Thank you

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Viterlo2 years ago

Suena de puta madre. Me gusta el lead que has usado en el drop modulado, que parece un organo. Buen trabajo compañero, te mereces un lugar en los primeros puestos!!! Mi voto es para ti!! Podías darme tu opinión sobre mi última canción(se llama tarantella). Estaría bien que un experimentado como tu me mostrase su opinión sobre en que mejorar para la proxima vez :D

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LuisAnthony2 years ago

Hello!, I love your track,great job, you have my vote and I will follow you on soundcloud to know more about you, I would appreciate it if you vote on my new track "Kongo", thanks ... :)

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Annihilation2 years ago

Wow bro voted, insane track so far. You got a very good mastering and nice Synth´s here. I hope you get what you earn for that hard work :D Could you please vote back for my new track "International". Thanks a lot and good luck in the contest :)

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AblaK2 years ago

nice music voted ;)

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Mateo Ramos
Mateo Ramos2 years ago

Hello friend I loved your song has something fascinating that makes you stop one and make you want to say puchogenso, I invite you to listen to my latest release "Tapion" and if you feel like to tell me your opinion do it with the greatest maturity possible...

Thank you so much,,

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geek.nation2 years ago

Dope track! Voted! :)
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Xedis2 years ago

Voted!! good track!! if you want you can support me with a vote on my new track "Dark Side"!!
You can support me and vote my tracks also on soundcloud!!

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MASIS2 years ago

Great song bro
Please vote back my newnew track jump

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DNDY2 years ago

Voted!my new track out now "Different" Please Listen And If you like Please Voted
thanks :).

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Project Utopia
Project Utopia2 years ago

Sick track, love the future vibes! Voted!

If you get a chance go check out my remix of love myself, would be much appreciated!

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TUT2 years ago

Good job! Voted! Can u vote back for my remix of "Love Myself"? Thanks

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r3kledproducer2 years ago

Date: 11.06.2018


Hello Friend!!!
I am writing to tell you that I have listened to a part of your song, and it has seemed to me a very original melody. It's impressive to hear that, keep it up and showing what you know how to do, and good luck from now on.
The mastering of the theme is well done, otherwise try to strive to improve further.
This comment is not any ghost post, it's real.
I only write it to you to leave some opinions about your style when producing music.

You are invited to hear and vote on my new musical theme, called "Moments", vote x vote. Leave your vote and a personal opinion about my song.

See you, someday I will contact you, to carry out a unique and original project with you.
Greetings, R3kled Producer.

Facebook: Elian Saez
Instagram: @eliansaezoficial / @ r3kledproducer

© r3kledproducer

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ZiHjERiUS2 years ago

Tremendo track bro, muy buen vocal chop, te dejo mi voto pa que suba suba

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Grooming942 years ago

This track is Awsome ,
I Love it so here is my vote !
maybe i Know you'v worked hard for this Track Don't Give up bro I wanna see you at UMF !
you could Release in the Spinnin' tallentpool.
I hope, that you will vote me back when you have few seconds for me.
Bro just check out my track "Pain Killer" and give me little feedback[optional].
That is the only way which we can help each other
I would like to remember this again,
Keep up the work You will be a Good Artist Thanks bro~~~!

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LAAN2 years ago

YEAH! What a track.
Definitely Voted.
Please, check my last track called "Divided" and Vote if you like it! Cheers!

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Lifted Dreams
Lifted Dreams2 years ago

Hey man, this track is awesome, VOTED! Please check out my new track "CHRONIC" and VOTE if you enjoy! I also follow everyone back on SoundCloud!!

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fuse.2 years ago

I realy like that
Everything is perfect
You got my vote for sure
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