Peter Pinehiller

my new track YOUARETHEONLYONE 122bpm


Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann3 months ago

I love this record. Great vocals, great piano, great melody: voted! What about a collab? Text me on Instagram or Soundcloud if you're interested!
Take a listen and vote for my new track "Vibes" if you like it and want to get some nice vibes!

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Rehabilitation3 months ago

very good voted

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Dj Fuelbass
Dj Fuelbass3 months ago

Voted back. Nice track, where you find this vocals or you wrote it?

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ONTA3 months ago

Nice work peter! Check & vote my last song "Like a Boy"!

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Live Sound Device
Live Sound Device3 months ago

Sounding good! Voted! Vote for our song also please!

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IbozSuman3 months ago

nice track .you got my vote .can you do the same thing?ty

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Ventuxio3 months ago

a very chill track, voted

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Parallax3 months ago

Nice track bro!

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SAMFISH3 months ago


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Dj SAC MX3 months ago

What a track broducer :0
The bass, the lead, the vocals, that piano
I really enjoy it
Good job

I hope that you can vote for my new remix of ''Whenever''.
Vote for vote ;)

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Matthew music
Matthew music3 months ago

Sounds good. Voted! :)

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Dante Davis3 months ago

You nailed it Good job, I already voted. What do you think about my latest remix? Check it out and maybe leave your vote?

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Richi Silva
Richi Silva3 months ago

hola amigo voto por ti, tu música es increíble , espero revises mi canción Edom y votes por mi
saludos desde Colombia suerte en talent pool.. .

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Jorge Nuñez
Jorge Nuñez3 months ago

damn pete you think they would sign you already lol.. LISTEN AND VOTE for my track "THE TRACK"

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TH!S3 months ago

He's doing fine where, he's at though. He earned all of those Spotify plays himself, which is harder to do. He just needs to stick with it and he'll be fine. I give him less than 5 years to get there.

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller3 months ago

766k sc plays !

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HincaReplay3 months ago

Hi cool song!!! Love my vote.... can you vote for me, for my song brass your soul?

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Virtual Noise
Virtual Noise3 months ago

nice song! voted back dude

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Juancruzcolavita3 months ago

Sick!! Please vote my last track!!!!!

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102141081465545333 months ago

hey buddy great job i really like ur song i voted u and plzz vote me back tnxxx

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Harp3r3 months ago


Voted plz vote back on my track Rocknrolla.


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Jazzio3 months ago

This track is sick my guy. Nice work on it. House for life.

If you're into progressive house, feel free to check out my latest track 'The Last Wish' and let me know what you think! Cheers :)

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