Peter Pinehiller

my new track YOUARETHEONLYONE 122bpm


Harp3r10 months ago


Voted plz vote back on my track Rocknrolla.


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JAZZIO10 months ago

This track is sick my guy. Nice work on it. House for life.

If you're into progressive house, feel free to check out my latest track 'The Last Wish' and let me know what you think! Cheers :)

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Anvvar Music
Anvvar Music10 months ago

Hey Peter! How's it going?
So I took a listen to the track and I really enjoyed the melody of the overall track!
Really had a catchy break, and the drop was just really amazing. You have my full support on this one,
So I voted and followed you as well :)
Can you please take time and vote for my track "Anvvar - This Life (ft. illRow & BEHNKE)?"
I'm sure you'll love it ;) Anyways, a really good track of yours, keep it up :)
Also, i'm interested in doing a collaboration with you. Message me on SoundCloud if you are interested. Good Luck :)

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Varad Mulay
Varad Mulay10 months ago

That are really good builds!
U got my vote!
Please check my track "war behind the wall"!
Vote it if you like!

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ZEKA_OFFICIAL10 months ago

Thanks for supporting my new track Drop The Party!!! Voted back!!!

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DJ BLAZE10 months ago

Great job!

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Steidmont10 months ago

Awesome sound

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Myawolls10 months ago

Peter, this is a nice work! keep it!!
Thanks a lot for vote on my track and give me your support! Here is my vote!

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G-Sauce10 months ago

voted! pls vote back :)

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[XHICKZ]10 months ago


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Ty Arrow
Ty Arrow10 months ago

Thnx for your vote on my remix! Nice btw, like it alot :D

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Annihilation10 months ago

Insane track, voted! You got a very good sounddesign and mastering. Hope you get what you earn for the hard work. Please vote back for my new track "Coco Jambo". Wish you good luck in the contest! :D

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X1510 months ago

Voted ;) I’m back with my new crazy remix to “Dannic & Rob & Jack - Bring Di Fire” 💥 Enjoy these Club vibes 😈 🔥

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Dwn10 months ago

Nice track! Voted. You really got it going. Good tempo and vibe.

Could you listen to my latest track "Never let go" and maybe give me a vote?

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Birdzend10 months ago

Voted bro 👍👌

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Nuuklox☑10 months ago

Peter Pinehiller Great track and good job keep it up , i have voted your track , please vote my new remix "Lucid dream":)

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arfaatshaikh54110 months ago

Dude I really love your track and voted can u please check one of my track HALLOWEEN

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CLEOZIP10 months ago

Voted back.. Thanks

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Edan10 months ago


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The Dieu
The Dieu10 months ago

Sounds good! Voted! 👍👍

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