Thomas Grey

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JAXTR2 months ago

Why aren't you signed yet? :-)

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M'MORTL3 months ago

nice house melody and sounds I like your style very punchy kicks you got there,
keep in touch voted !
your awsome

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soundwavesofficial3 months ago

Really good upbeat track man. You got my Vote. Keep up the good work! Appreciate your feedback. I went ahead and followed you on Spinnin, if you could follow back, and I we can follow each other on your other social platforms as well.

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La Crunk
La Crunk4 months ago

Nice ,very Nice! Voted n Followed check out my track "Beautiful" n vote plz ! :D

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Bl4ck.5hinobi4 months ago

Damn bro!!!! The drop is bouncy and the transitions are dope... though I felt like some part along the track some claps were not in sync with the beat and some parts glitch. But overally, this is such an amazing composition definitely spinning records material. You have my vote and follow on SoundCloud and here. Keep up the brilliant work!!!

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BossWell4 months ago

Good song i voted it, please vote for me in the kris kross (whenever contest)

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K3JO4 months ago

Hi!! I don't want to give you a fake comment because they sucks, but maybe we can do vote for vote ( K3JO - Fragile Life)? I'm not a greedy person, so I'm gonna give you a vote! Good Luck!!

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Annihilation4 months ago

Insane track, voted! You got a very good sounddesign and mastering. Hope you get what you earn for the hard work. Please vote back for my new track "Coco Jambo". Wish you good luck in the contest! :D

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OkanSemiZz4 months ago

AWESOME! I Love this Track! VOTED! hope you Vote for my new Track " MAKE IT CLAP".. Good Luck

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TerrixZ4 months ago

Vote! Very Nice Melody! Hope you will take a second to Check my later track Burn This Beat. And Vote is you like it :) Thank you <3!

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tebedayeng4 months ago

thomas votedd nice track, check my single see thankyou

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Mattsoto4 months ago

hi, your job is so good for EDM!! you've got Voted!! please check my track call "Samurai" its japanese ethnic hardstyle, vote if you like, and check my soundcloud too "Mattsoto"!! thanks,

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2WO4 months ago

I like what I hear. You have my vote. Maybe vote on my latest mashup too? Check it out I won't disappoint you.

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000f4004 months ago

Voted. Hope you vote back too. TY

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PA-ONE4 months ago

Awesome track!!!
I voted for your track !!!
Can you please vote for my track Tribal Beat & MeloBoon????

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Atherys4 months ago

Nice track, Voted!
Listen my remix of "Bring di fire",and vote if you like too!

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kushiemonster4 months ago

Nice track man!!
Be sure to check my track 'vibe' too!

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Byexxer4 months ago

great track! Voted!
Please listen and vote my new track "Energy"
Thanks so much!

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LUAN VEGAS4 months ago

hey thomas, go check out my latest track "spark", #851 on the main chart. if you like it, please leave a vote, its free.
i will do the same for you. thank you for your support.

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Coconut Network
Coconut Network4 months ago

Monsef, I really love this! I was wondering if you would be interested in my Record Label? Its fully free just trying to get myself known and help producers grow! If you are interested you can simply message me on email at
or contact me in my soundcloud (: Fully supported my man!

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