Dj Potenza
Dj Potenza10 months ago

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Draco Music
Draco Music10 months ago

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ÆSIR10 months ago

Dope track man. Voted

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Juancruzcolavita10 months ago

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Rick Mash
Rick Mash10 months ago

Niceeeeee! Voted:)

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Manu like
Manu like10 months ago

good track chris , if you want to collab on future songs write me to the email i left in my new song :)

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Abu Barrett
Abu Barrett10 months ago

damn this is strong you deserve numer one brother epic vocals, epic drop i would only filter the vocal chops in the drop so the main thing would be the actual vocal other than that this is really really strong i hope you get signed by spinnin :) check my track repeat if you want to? cheers!

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1021410814655453310 months ago

hey buddy great job i really like ur song i voted u and plzz vote me back tnx

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Rinium10 months ago

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Byexxer10 months ago

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Bargus10 months ago

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MXS10 months ago

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Jake James
Jake James10 months ago


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Weydjs10 months ago

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Virtual Noise
Virtual Noise10 months ago

This is dope Crhistopher Damas , Voted your work!
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Varad Mulay
Varad Mulay10 months ago

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ZEKA_OFFICIAL10 months ago

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BlackFox10 months ago

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anthonygartner10 months ago

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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann10 months ago

Nice track, love your sound: voted! Just released my new track "Vibes". Take a listen and vote for me.

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