Whenever (feat. Conor Maynard) (SKGN REMIX)

Kris Kross Amsterdam x The Boy Next Door

Emotional and uplifting progressive house remix. Enjoy! Instagram @SKGNofficial


Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann1 year ago

Great remix, keep the good work up! Voted for you! Good luck in the contest!
Check out my remix of Kris Kross Amsterdam's "Whenever". Please help me to bring it up by voting back for it if you like it!

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CLBeat1 year ago

Nice track! Think you could give mine a look?
Check out ’Whenever’ in my contest tab.
Thanks 🙏🙏🙏

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Antony Vibes
Antony Vibes1 year ago

Heey SKGN,

I've listened to your track and i must say WOW! You have my VOTE for sure!

I really appreciate it, if you can also VOTE for my "Whenever" remix!

Keep up the good work and have a nice day!:)

Antony Vibes

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Dj Matvey
Dj Matvey1 year ago

Good track !Voted! Could you vote for my track "Happy memories of summer", Thank you and good luck !!!, " Follow me on soundcloud and I'll follow you"

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Iro n
Iro n1 year ago

Hi brother, I voted for your steep track, if it's not difficult then vote for mine. Very good music

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Dj Fuelbass
Dj Fuelbass1 year ago

Voted. I like progressive house and its a Nice remix. Please check out and vote/ comment for my new remix to "Whenever (feat. Conor Maynard)". Thanks in advance.

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CU31 year ago

Wow what a powerfull Remix SKGN!
You earned my vote !
Check out my Future House Remix on my page!
I am out Bruh

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G-Sauce1 year ago

voted ! pls vote back : )

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VibeSauce1 year ago

Nice remix dude! Keep going on.

Listen back to our remix of "Whenever", and vote for it if you like it!


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DNDY1 year ago


vote back on my remix of this song. i wish you good luck!

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Dykey1 year ago

Nice track I love it! Voted!

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MACRYNT1 year ago

Good drop bro.
Very doooope energy.
Obviously you have my vote.
---------------->Go check my remix to!

Score: 1
Elyxium1 year ago

Very cool progressive drop dude brings tears to my eyes :<<<<

Score: 1
BlackFox1 year ago

voted back. good starting

Score: 1
JayRoxMusic1 year ago

Really nice atmosphere. Great lead sound. Nice remix. Good luck!

Score: 1
Dankster1 year ago

great sound designing and mastering...got great vibes <3 you earned my vote mate! check out the remix on my page too and a vote will be good <3 peeaaccee bruh!

Score: 1
JekyllDJ1 year ago

Love the remix dude, the drop is lush! Voted :)

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S H A 2 N K
S H A 2 N K1 year ago

Thats a Dope remix checkout mine its more like chill out genre hope you'll like it.

Score: 1
Kiyox1 year ago

Cool progressive house remix!
If you have time plz vote my remix of whenever!

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MAHDI1 year ago

Good job skgn, Keep it up, Give the Voted back

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