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Iro n
Iro n1 year ago

Hi brother, I voted for your steep track, if it's not difficult then vote for mine. Very good music, I like this

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DJ DEN1 year ago

Please bro, VOTE for my new track: DJ DEN - Motion Up!
I very much ask you, I have invested a lot in this track, I tried!!!
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Thank you very much for such great support!
I'm very grateful to you, because we are together one Big Musical Family!
See you;)

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CLBeat1 year ago

Nice track! Think you could give mine a look?
Check out โ€™Wheneverโ€™ in my contest tab.
Thanks ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™,

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Atherys1 year ago

Nice track, Voted!
Listen my remix of "Whenever",and vote if you like too!
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Dax Maxim
Dax Maxim1 year ago

Cool one !!nice vocal work !!please also listen to my track "WHITE CLOUDS" and vote if you like it :)

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MACRYNT1 year ago

Amazing energy going there
You obviously have my vote
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AetySyx1 year ago

Got my vote!!! Excellent work. Take time to check me out, I don't think you will be disappointed. My newest creation is "Where Does Music Come From". Thanks in advance!

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J&E1 year ago

Amazing track! We really enjoyed it! Voted! If you have time, please check out our latest remix "Whenever" and if you like it, please vote! Thank you

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Alex Kase
Alex Kase1 year ago

HEY DIVIDE, I don't make fake vote, i really loved your track andI voted it!! Really Gooood job!
What I can say to improve it is to fit more the kick in the drop, it sounds a little too quite!
If you like check my new track, vote and tell me what you think about it! =)

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The Lofersy
The Lofersy1 year ago

Vote. Good jobโ˜…). I like your track.โ™ฅ))) Pls check my Remix and vote back. Many thanksโœพ. Good luck!โœฟ)))

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G-Sauce1 year ago

voted ! pls vote back :)

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Taiko_1 year ago


Not my typical stuff but this is very good. Hope you'll make it !
Feel free to take a look to my last track " Chasing "and vote for it if you feel like !

Cheers !

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PIX3L1 year ago

Hey DIVIde. Voted!! Please Vote for my track Miavono - Right Here (PIX3L Remix)

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DARKYLOSE1 year ago

Hey DIVIDE! My name is DARKYLOSE and I like your Track! I also voted for your Track... Can you please listen to my Latest Track " TIME MACHINE " Its one of the Best out on Talentpool! ;)

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MACRYNT1 year ago

Amazing energy going there
You obviously have my vote
------------------>Go check my NEW REMIX, leave a VOTE BACK, peace ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿš€

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Sharklynx1 year ago

I really liked your dramatic intro, the delay is well done, but there is alot of high-end on the ''S''. but i really like it, goodjob! The tom on the second drop is also very catchy, same as the strings, it makes it pretty dramatic.
I voted for your track, I Would really like to get a vote back on my song : The Goblin

Goodluck dude!

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J-Rob MD
J-Rob MD1 year ago

Great track bro! I definitely like what you are doing here so I voted for you. would love a vote for my latest track "If the World Is Our Dance Floor" if you like what I do... This song is the latest single off of my current EP, "Sick AF". Rather than entirely following trends, I blended aspects of new and classic house music sound design, with a great vocal and melody, and a heavy drop, to create a very dance-able but original track ... thanks for stopping to take a listen!! --- J-rob MD

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Dante Davis1 year ago

Wow, I really like this. You earned my vote man! Maybe vote back on my latest remix? I know you'll like it

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MD3SIGN1 year ago

I VOTED FOR YOU, CAN YOU VOTE BACK ON MY NEW SONG CALLED "DR1FT"? Thank you anyways and good luck :)

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Deep Brothers
Deep Brothers1 year ago

Voted for you !!
Can you voted on my remix " wahanever" ?
Good luck my friend !

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