Whenever (feat. Conor Maynard) (Dante Davis contest remix)

Kris Kross Amsterdam x The Boy Next Door

Mail- realddavis@gmail.com Twitter- @danteedavis


Suhail S
Suhail S11 months ago

Great Remix bro! Lovely vocal work. And the drop is catchy :D Voted back :)

Score: 1
2KrazyMutherFookers11 months ago

Dante, Well done. A different approach on this song. Better than some of the others we have heard. Voted. Thanks for your Vote on our track G-DOWN.

Score: 1
Syncbat11 months ago

Wonderful Remix turned out, beautiful, exciting and original! It is with great pleasure that I support this excellent work!

Score: 3
PROJECT ARJK11 months ago

Very good work, excellent sound, I liked your remix very much , voted.

Score: 1
Fuse X Rush
Fuse X Rush11 months ago

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I realy like that
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Score: -1
DCRPD11 months ago

Voted thx for the support on my latest "based on a lie" best of luck. I'll follow you on Twitter in a bit

Score: 1
DJELDAR11 months ago


Score: 1
Sky9311 months ago

Beautiful remix and voted

Score: 1
FattenKlaus11 months ago

Qualitative work. Voted!

Score: 1
Sharklynx11 months ago

I am definitly not dissapointed! I voted back

(accidently pressed enter sorry haha goodjob once again)

Score: 1
Sharklynx11 months ago

OK this is by far one of the best remixes i hear, goodjob bro, i am definitly

Score: 1
ZETRYJEN11 months ago

cool remix, voted

Score: 1
Narayan kisku
Narayan kisku11 months ago

& Good Luck

Score: 1
anthonygartner11 months ago

Hello Dante, thank you for voting my track loops, voted back you're remix.

Score: 1
G-Sauce11 months ago

voted! :)

Score: 1
Sgt. Elias
Sgt. Elias11 months ago

Thx for your vote, nice remix - voted ;)

Score: 1
Kris Goldek
Kris Goldek11 months ago

Happy vibes! I love it. Voted

Score: 1
VibeSauce11 months ago

Nice remix dude! Keep going on.

Listen back to our remix of "Whenever", and vote for it if you like it!


Score: 1
DNDY11 months ago


vote back on my remix of this song. i wish you good luck.

Score: 1
3MA D3LGADO11 months ago

I love this song, I voted! Please vote for all my tracks, my friend!.

Score: -1
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Dante Davis11 months ago

I aint your friend

Score: 0