I had inspiration from alot of different places and decided I would make a track which I haven't done in a while and it was alot of fun, hope you enjoy.(this isn't a remix)


Mata1 year ago

Wow cool remix 👏 VOTED 👏 Listen to my new song Healing Hands thank you 🖐

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️1 year ago

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Good luck!

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JaXs Music
JaXs Music1 year ago

Really enjoyed this track, I voted!!! Can you please return the favor and vote for my Kriss Kross Whenever Remix!!!!!!

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Androlyx1 year ago

Good one, I like the influences of various stuffs. Voted.

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NoNShepherd1 year ago

Hello. I listened your remix and I voted because liked it. Please listen to my last track,(OR NO) if you like it vote. Thx.
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4754535671 year ago

Thank you

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PROJECT ARJK1 year ago

Awesome work on the track,You got my vote!
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Thank you very much and good luck in the Chart !

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4754535671 year ago

plays well, voted, rate my new track 333 XTATENIX

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Rusabero1 year ago

ARCO_BLANC,Wonderful remix) Good sounds) Beautiful melody) I voted for it) Can you help me too, voted for my remix on the track Blasterjaxx & Bassjackers -Switch) Thank you and good luck to you)

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Valerio-Rome1 year ago

I vote you! Very nice, man!!!
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"Alan Walker vs. Barren Gates - Fade Us (MV Remix)".
Many thanks, man!

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