Hey guys i'm Dj R0MA and this is a new future bass track made in Fl Studio 12. I hope you enjoy it. Please support me by following and leaving your like for more tracks like this one. Also you can follow me on soundcloud and i'll follow you back. Thanks for your support :)


Sl@weC10 months ago

That's great track, you have my support.
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Good luck on this chart!

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Northstorm10 months ago

Hey nice track Roma. Voted. Hope you vote back for my new track "OH yesterday"
Good luck

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Kahramanmusic10 months ago

Really really Sweat track!! and I hope you to like to my last song! Genre is Turkish Deep House!

OneRepublic - Wherever I Go (Kahraman Remix).

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ZATTIX10 months ago

Voted! Very beautiful track, sounds so clear. One of the best future bass tracks in talent pool. Great work! It would be nice if you could give me feedback on my song Mirrors.

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Somixez10 months ago

Hello ROMA! Amazing track! Voted and followed!). Please cheack my last track "Drop Club", thanks!)

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Kahramanmusic10 months ago

Great Track! and can you support me to last track!! MY LAST TRACK ARABIC DEEP HOUSE!!!

OneRepublic - Wherever I Go (Kahraman Remix)

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WRONG VST10 months ago

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X1510 months ago

Voted ! Enjoy my new track “SUNSHINE”. It’s the perfect track to enjoy beautiful places 🌴☀️🌊

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DJ Riddum
DJ Riddum10 months ago


You have My Vote Please Vote Back On my New Track Fear Not.

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John Avo
John Avo10 months ago

Mind blowing track you have & catchy melody, you got my vote for sure. Please take a moment to vote back for my track "Serenity" and take a listen if you have a chance. Follow me on Sound Cloud and send me some more of your music to take a listen to should you ever need real 100% feedback. It's something I do for all my supporters and followers, it's my way of showing I support them. Thank you and Good Luck

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DEEP VAN10 months ago

Really Nice Track! voted , Can You Please Vote Back For My New Track Called Anthem!😍

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Dj Russo
Dj Russo10 months ago


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MarlinEuster10 months ago


I really like your mix
Defenitly got my Vote
Hope To see Upcomming Tracks From You!!!

By the Way I m New Here At the Talentpool
maybe you can have a listen to my track And tell me what you think of it?

Thank You!!!

Looking Forward To Hear From You!

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M3LONA1DE10 months ago

Very soothing sounds you've got here, sounds great! Voted!

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Din Radetinac
Din Radetinac10 months ago

Really nice future bass track man, you have my vote and it would mean a lot if you could vote for me to!

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Ghost AM
Ghost AM10 months ago

WooW !!!!!!
Voted !!!!!!!!!!

Incredible track, perfect !!!!!!! The mastering, the melody, EVERYTHING fits perfect, it's awesome!

¡¡Vote for my track "Forcrax" I would really appreciate it !!!!!!!!!

"Gh0st AM"


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Radical Records
Radical Records10 months ago

Dope style, it's refreshing to hear. Keep up the good work buddy.

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soundsmosso10 months ago

I really enjoy hearing your song you can count with my vote and i hope you had the chance to hear Whispering- DJ HIFI'S New World and leave a comment and if you like it vote x it Good luck and keep it up...

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The Tunestarters
The Tunestarters10 months ago

Hey there R0MA (nice name btw bro)! We are not really a proponent of this self-promotion, but we need it to climb up the stairs to number one... We voted for this track, could you check out our new track?

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HAZRSS10 months ago

Awesome track! VOTED!

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