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Lello_Oliver1 year ago

Can I ask for your vote?
I've released some demos (Love and On teh flor), listen and ask for your opinion.
Alias ​​I voted for yours, great, you have my vote.
Following in the networks and if you can contribute thank you

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Lunagrath1 year ago

Votado...excelente track...

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Lisa Uhlen
Lisa Uhlen1 year ago

Hey, this is so nice! Voted!

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DJ DEN1 year ago

Well Done! Good Job!!! VOTED!
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Rimlyzan1 year ago

Hello, I really like your track, I voted, if not difficult to vote in return

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Rimlyzan1 year ago

Hello, I really like your track, I voted, if not difficult to vote in return

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Dmitrii Stucalschi

Hello. My name is Dmitri Ramsey.
I really like your style and your tracks.
I have a demo and I would like to record a joint track with you.
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Solstiice1 year ago

Hey kahraman !
that sounds great : voted !
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Good luck for the future !

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Voted !! Check Out My New Track (You On Me ft. Alan McKee;

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FatihCitak1 year ago

başarılarının devamını dilerim. İyi calısma olmus. Son yaptıgım parcayı dinleyip yorumlarsan sevinirim. İyi günler

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Nice remix! Please check out my new song 'Sunlight' and give a vote if you like it! Thanks bro!

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J-Rob MD
J-Rob MD1 year ago

Great track bro! I'm into what you're doing here so I voted for ya. I would love a vote for my latest track "Change the Game" if you're feeling my sound... This song is the latest single off of my current EP, "Sick AF" and features indie rapper Tre Houston on the verses. The track blends elements of future house with hip-hop verses for a fresh vibe ... thanks for stopping to take a listen!! Also, if you follow me on soundcloud I'll follow you back... Cheers! --- J-rob MD

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fuse.1 year ago

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3MA D3LGADO1 year ago

Good song is still voted!

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DMTR✪1 year ago

like your style VOTED ;)
listen to my song and give me a vote ;)
When you like my track maybe we can be in contact ;)

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FoxFX Music
FoxFX Music1 year ago

Good track! Voted back!

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Sl@weC1 year ago

Really great track, you have my vote.
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Good luck on this chart!

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Deneo1 year ago

I voted this.

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Northstorm1 year ago

Hey nice track Kahraman. Voted. Hope you vote back for my new track "OH yesterday"
Good luck

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Kahramanmusic1 year ago

you don't vote me :/ i don't see im sorry :/

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R E V E N1 year ago

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