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Sven Kleer
Sven Kleer2 months ago


That Track is dope! The deep bass that comes in at 1:38 is really great! You got my vote.
Please check out my new track "BANG". Would be very nice! :)

Thanks, Sven Kleer

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Smithymusic2 months ago

Hi! I think you produce great music and I like your track! So I dropped a Vote to support you!
If you have the time it would be great if you check out my new track "Pleasure And Pain" and vote back.
Thank you and good luck !

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WRVST2 months ago

Voted!! Please vote my new track "Ringo Starr"

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Harlem Dance Club
Harlem Dance Club2 months ago

I Voted for you.
Please check out my song "Dreaming of you", and vote back if you liked it.
Thanks. Good luck.

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Persz2 months ago

Crazy man!

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J-Rob MD
J-Rob MD2 months ago

Great track bro! I'm into what you're doing here so I voted for ya. I would love a vote for my latest track "Change the Game" if you're feeling my sound... This song is the latest single off of my current EP, "Sick AF" and features indie rapper Tre Houston on the verses. The track blends elements of future house with hip-hop verses for a fresh vibe ... thanks for stopping to take a listen!! Also, if you follow me on soundcloud I'll follow you back... Cheers! --- J-rob MD

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SIRTO2 months ago

Cool sound! Voted :)

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Bootch & Esmeralda
Bootch & Esmeralda2 months ago

give me your voice so please!!

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KASTOMARIN2 months ago

great track voted give your voice to my track KastomariN-Forever.

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JORDANEDM2 months ago

NR 2 ! nice Pleae check me out thanks !

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Chrisnar2 months ago

Hello Everyone ! I Just released a new song and I would love to hear what You think about It ! Thanks ;)

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SPYKS2 months ago

Hi man!!

you've made a good track, and I vote for your track aswell!

Can you also help me and vote for my remix of WHAT LOVERS DO I hope you can!

Have a nice day!


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JMORS2 months ago

Good subject, you have style and also talent, I vote you because you

deserve all the possible support, if you could support me it would also be

great, look for my last subject: I lose control ... and vote for it if you

like it

continue like this you will be one of the best

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Giute2 months ago

voted! Please check out my last work

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Somixez2 months ago

Hello WILIAM PRICE! Amazing track! Voted and followed!). Please cheack my last track "Drop Club", thanks!)

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Nicky Sign
Nicky Sign2 months ago

good Song, voted!

If you have time check out my new Song ✗ Show Me How ✗

Kind Reagards Nicky Sign

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JIM CORY2 months ago

Dude, that's a really nice song. Voted. Can please vote my songs back? I'd appreciate it A LOT. THANKS, WILLIAM PRICE. You're talented.

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0000yyy2 months ago

Cool track bro
It would b great if u give feedback on my track......

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TheReindeers2 months ago

The bass is awesome mate!

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Ellion Quincy OFFICIAL ✔

v o t e

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