Daniel Bohen

Clueless, You're so clueless. Follow Daniel Bohen for more: This song was written, composed, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Daniel Bohen. © 2018 Daniel Bohen. All rights reserved.


AayZee1 year ago

Fellow, your song is Stunnin'!! Listening the drop with the Lead and the Bass... ...
Well the sound is perfect, I just add a couple more of gain in the compress-sound to make the kick more strong and split out the Frequencies between 50Hz to 150Hz with the EQ
Also don't forget to vote back for my track Miami Bitch !!!!.

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KHAmusic1 year ago

Nice Song! Keep up the work! Check out my new track "Tomorrow"! Voted!

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KOAŁLAI1 year ago

Cool track brother. Voted back

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OmicronMusic1 year ago

Daniel your song is so crazy, I really love your drop, I want to dance it !!!!, I VOTE your song, please support my last LOST FREQUENCIES Remix!!

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ReyMod.com1 year ago

congratulations,for being up!!!!!, I'm glad that my vote is there for you, you have talent bro I hope you do not forget to listen to my songs

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Leo Teran
Leo Teran1 year ago


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mindtricz1 year ago

i like the track put some more work into your sound design and maybe some more on your body of your track! but i voted for you!

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GIO-z1 year ago

I want to offer you my support by giving you a VOTE for your Amazing track "Clueless".
Good luck Man and I hope to see you in the TOP 10!
I'm not gonna lie I'm here to promote a bit of my stuff too, could you vote for my last track "Layali" plz?
Be sure that I wouldn't put this message if I didn't like your track in the first place so keep up the good work!!
Remember, my friend, my vote is real!

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ope61 year ago

voted you can vote my track is called sun thanks

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Serginio Chan
Serginio Chan1 year ago

→ I voted for you

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rifkysetya1 year ago

done to vote u back man

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delarosa1 year ago

Nice sounding track, voted. Thanks for supporting my latest track.

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×Björn×1 year ago

Voted back!

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Zellcore1 year ago

Nice track! Voted 😉 pls give me your feedback And comment on my last work "Zombie nation" 😁🤘😉 I really apreciate it!

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K3JO1 year ago

Hi! I don't want to give you a fake comment because they sucks, but maybe we can do vote for vote ( K3JO - Low Bass)? I'm not a greedy person, so I'm gonna give you a vote! Good Luck, bro!!

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Tony Key Tone
Tony Key Tone1 year ago

Thank you for your vote for my latest track 'Move it 2 the Rythm' and voted back for your track too.

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Cosmonov1 year ago

Nice track! Awesome sound!
Voted. Vote back on my track PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME

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S.O.Dmusic1 year ago


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Fatih INCE
Fatih INCE1 year ago

Nice remix,voted.
Please,vote for my new song: Sam Feldt x Lucas & Steve - Summer On You ( Fatih INCE Remix) Thanks:)))

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kurmellow1 year ago

you have my Vote this is amazing

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