The Clouds


Big Room


5oulHard1 month ago

too good! yeah!
today is strength.
I loved it but personally I do not listen to this music ^ *
bounce for your song because I loved the melody and the drop leads ^ *
classic filters but incredible ^ *
you do it right ^ *
if you want to boot my music I'm new here ^ *

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HeadCriz1 month ago

Good Track! Voted. Please vote For my Track "The Pianist" Thanks....

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Soledad Maldonado

Hi, Congratulation Like it
Listen my new song #keep Going

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YoungStyle1 month ago

Nice one! Can you please vote back for my new track "Let you get to me" (Future House) ?

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Danniell1 month ago

hey bro amazing track! please chek out my new work REVENGE (Psy-trance)

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Derdak1 month ago

Well done

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Melonaide1 month ago

Yes, I knew you will do well I already felt it since when I followed you a couple of months ago. I am so proud of you and hopefully this will help you get signed to Spinnin'.

But I want to get there too, so will you check out my new song 'No Handlebar'? Thanks, that will mean so much to mean you do not know!

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Maikoh1 month ago

wow...nice track

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damn hard sounds love it if you got more for us to vote on just give us a shout, VOTE FOR VOTE? we have voted for your track...We hope to see some love back on our latest release "No Money"...Love to hear from you!!!! much love and have a nice day my friend!!

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Bert Beatz
Bert Beatz1 month ago

nice! voted! listen my last track if you can!!

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NOISEOXIDE1 month ago


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NOISEOXIDE1 month ago

damn sick!!!

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the smoking dogs
the smoking dogs1 month ago

Cool track!
Good sound!
You have my vote!
Please, Vote back my last track "End of Summer"
Thank you so much and good luck!!!!!!!!!!

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VÆRØ1 month ago

Loved your track bro n voted too <3..
Please check out my track "MAKE IT BOUNCE" n vote for it if you like

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MEBzK1 month ago

VERy good drop
this is not a fake comment
please vote for my track FOR YOU

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Miss Tonica
Miss Tonica1 month ago

Nice,voted,listen to my track"do you think am sexy"and vote if you like it

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Loki4201 month ago

Immerse yourself in another reality with the epic atmosphere of ´Psycho´ my new track. Hear it and comment what you think! sure you like it!

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Drag0n1 month ago

Cool drop! ;)

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Dj Matvey
Dj Matvey1 month ago


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Ashton Gray
Ashton Gray1 month ago

Nice song, got my vote, could you maybe check out my new song "Rise", and if you like it a vote would be appreciated.

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