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Daniel Bohen
Daniel Bohen9 months ago

I voted for you.
Please check out my track "Clueless" and vote back if you liked it.
Thanks. Good luck.

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Andy Jaymes
Andy Jaymes9 months ago

Great track DJ Mere!! You have my vote and keep up the good work! If you dont mind could you also go and check out my latest track "EEVaa". Your vote and feedback would be great appreciated!

Thanks, Andy.

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iWip9 months ago

Wow, this is amazing, Dj Mere!

Next time, try to boost the mid-highs, since these are frequencies that lacked a bit of power.
And don't forget to compress your kick, otherwise it will create these "peaks" of volume! :)
But aside from that, good job, keep it up bro! I Voted it.

Just like you, I released a new remix called "Hurt Me". I would be so happy if you chould check it out and vote for it. Thanks man! <3
Good Luck for the future!

If you want that I give you personal feedback to your tracks or any question you might have, make sure to leave me a follow ON SOUNDCLOUD and I'm more than happy to do it

With love,

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SVN Music
SVN Music9 months ago

Voted!! I like it ⚡⚡⚡
so cool track bro! nice melody, mixing is okay :)
vote for my new track "Adieu" Lets go and vote baack! <3

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Ite Sma
Ite Sma9 months ago

Hey DJ MERE, nice track, I voted for you!!
I'm not gonna lie I'm here to promote a bit of my stuff too, could you vote for my last track "Desire" plz? Be sure that I wouldn't put this message if I didn't like your track in the first place so : keep up the good work!! =)

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DJ Riddum
DJ Riddum9 months ago

Hello Mate....!! You have My vote Please Vote Back On

you can follow me on soundcloud & youtube....

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Dj-Shadex9 months ago

cool sounds voted. can you please vote for my track Rain Trops thanks :)

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem9 months ago

hey bro, it's Léo, and it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my new track "Change Your Mind"

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Valerio-Rome9 months ago

I want to offer you my support by giving you a VOTE for your "Turn up the bass".
Good luck Man and I hope to see you in the TOP 10!
Remember, my friend, my vote is real!

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Dmitrii Stucalschi
Dmitrii Stucalschi9 months ago

My name is Dmitri Ramsey
I really liked your track and I voted for it
If it's not too hard for you to vote for my last track too
Also you can subscribe to me in soundcloud and I will subscribe to you
Thank you in advance

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Yaksha9 months ago

WOW!!! Awesome track. Love it. Voted!!
Please check my new remix "NUMB (Yaksha Remix)" and vote if you like it.

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UNEK9 months ago

... Voted on this fire check my new track and voted if you like broo...

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CProject9 months ago

Really like this track Voted!!! ! Vote back if you like my new "CProject Feat Laura - Sinner".

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Nik Alevizos
Nik Alevizos9 months ago

Cool If you ever want genuine feedback please reach out to me. Check out my track if you think its worthy show it some love. Follow me on here or soundcloud and email anytime . Keep at it:)

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TEAMMBL9 months ago

DJ Mere we promote music 100% for free to our 200,000+ followers every week! To submit your track, just use the link at the top of our Spinnin’ profile! We look forward to hearing your music! From: musicbyLUKAS (TEAMMBL Co-Founder).

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TEAMMBL9 months ago

DJ Mere Voted! :)

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Lusitany9 months ago

Nice track! Awesome sound!
Voted. Vote back on my track BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.
I voted for your track because I loved it and who knows you will get TOP of Spinnin !! Maybe I'll play this music at the disco.
On Soundcloud follow me and I follow you too.
On Twitter: @lusitany
I accept followers / friends on facebook typing: Nelo Costa (Lusitany)
If you want to see my video enter on YouTube .... subscribe there because I'm about to release more original songs.
Thanks and good luck!

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EnergyWolf9 months ago

Great Track I like it😀 and you get my vote😀
but vote me back
EnergyWolf: Cyborgs

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Lifted Dreams
Lifted Dreams9 months ago

Hey man, this track is awesome, VOTED! Please check out my new remix for Cheat Codes and DVBBS track "I Love It" and VOTE if you enjoy!! I also follow everyone back on SoundCloud!

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Dante Davis9 months ago

I like what I hear. You have my vote. Maybe vote on my latest track too? Check it out I won't disappoint you.

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