my new track produced on fl 11 enjoy!!!


Loki.10 months ago

Immerse yourself in another reality with the epic atmosphere of ´Psycho´ my new trap track. Hear it and comment what you think, sure you like it!

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Miss Tonica  (M.T)
Miss Tonica (M.T)10 months ago

Nice,voted,listen to my track"do you think am sexy"and vote if you like it🙏

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Aspenius10 months ago


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NozCate10 months ago


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Dante Davis10 months ago

I like what I hear. You have my vote. Maybe vote on my latest track too? Check it out I won't disappoint you.

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Dj Fucos
Dj Fucos10 months ago

Wow man! Amazing track, I like it! I hope you will get with your music where you want to get! If you have time you can listen to my track "Make Me Feel Free"

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DLF>PROJECT10 months ago

like it

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Yaksha10 months ago

Awesome track. Love it. Voted!!!
Please check my new remix “NUMB (Yaksha Remix)” and vote if you like it.

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pryDΣ10 months ago


Hey, Mind to vote my "Misfortune" and “Hypothermia”? That would be legit dude.

Good luck in the future by the way XD !!

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Dj-Shadex10 months ago

i like this one voted

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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann10 months ago

Great track, keep this good work up :) Voted for you!
Check out my new track "Bringing Back The Summer". Please help me to bring it up by voting back for it if you like it!

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SteveDiiOfficial10 months ago

I really like this one. I Voted for it. Please listen to my New Track "Let Me See (Original Edit).

Thank you.. Best regards Steve Dii

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ra5hid10 months ago

That's amazing..good job bro...i voted...good luck
check my new track and voted if you like..

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Valerio-Rome10 months ago

I want to offer you my support by giving you a VOTE for your "Aurora".
Good luck Man and I hope to see you in the TOP 10!
Remember, my friend, my vote is real!

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Dmitrii Stucalschi
Dmitrii Stucalschi10 months ago

My name is Dmitri Ramsey
I really liked your track and I voted for it
If it's not too hard for you to vote for my last track too
Also you can subscribe to me in soundcloud and I will subscribe to you
Thank you in advance

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LateNightSnackers10 months ago

nice origi if you got more for us to vote on just give us a shout, VOTE FOR VOTE? we have voted for your track...We hope to see some love back on our latest release "No Money"...Love to hear from you!!!! much love and have a nice day my friend!!

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delarosa10 months ago

Very nice work on this track, voted. Please listen to my latest track and vote / comment. Thanks

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Avri10 months ago

I like it great beat you can add volume to it - ether with instruments or maybe EQ and it will be perfect

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19770048436740210 months ago

Voted,hope you can vote back! dcs23

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Matt Morrin
Matt Morrin10 months ago

Great track Emirix! Voted! Please check out my new track 'Explore'! I would love to get a bit higher in the rankings, just like you! let's help eachother a bit

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