Nobile G
Nobile G1 month ago

Fantastic, voted!

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North  Crew
North Crew1 month ago

Good vibes! I like it. Can you hear my track 'Looking for You'? Thank You.

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Thewildmike 21 month ago

Very wild Nice one Don't forget to vote for my track summerwaves

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Let Us Play!
Let Us Play!1 month ago

Great Work! Check out my new Track „Quasar“ and if you like it, Vote for it ;-)

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T PINNA1 month ago

Very nice track, i listen always , i like NV
other track very good is Polinecia excelent track, NV Produce more tracks. I am fan

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Ömer Özen
Ömer Özen1 month ago

NV - Wildford is awesome! I hope you should be soon in the top 10!
I voted:)

Please vote my new song ''Escape''

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lugher1 month ago

Hi NV,
I will definitely VOTE you and FOLLOW.
You can be sure that I will support you.
Please help me too, my friend :)

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Chrisnar1 month ago

Hello Everyone ! I just released a brand new song and I could really use Your Support ! Thanks for Your time ;)

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Nic Illing
Nic Illing1 month ago

What up NV love your style, got my vote, please support my new Remix as well would be a pleasure ! Cheers and all the best, Nic

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Cryptic alpha
Cryptic alpha1 month ago

Where is spinnins comment?

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Krillin1 month ago

It is a nice track can't say much bout it but I m truly speaking!!
If you have time then plz check out my track schoolboy error and if you like it then vote it plz!!

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DJ NDRK1 month ago

Nice track bro, I vote for it.
Please check my new track Android and vote back. Follow me on the SoundCloud and I will follow you back! Good luck!)

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Syz1 month ago


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Joel Lee1 month ago

ahh so dirty! sounds like some tech house harry potter!

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Väpä1 month ago

That feeling is massive, love it! the mix is awesome too, supported and voted! Hope you can listen my track ''She'' thank you so much

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RANDY TORRES [Official] ✪

hey bro´s, during the next two hours I will be giving votes x votes! Vote and comment on my profile and I will automatically follow you and vote for you!

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DifferentPlay1 month ago

I love your song, without a doubt, I vote for you

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Miss Channa
Miss Channa1 month ago

NIce track!! I Voted! Check out my track Deadly Infection!! See you at ADE!

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MeKaNesco1 month ago

GREAT SONG!! I invite you to listen my last track called "I Give You My Fire", i hope you like it and keep going <3

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shafzz1 month ago

Nice track NV ! Loved the Vibes :)
You have my vote :)
PLs consider checking out my new track "Secretz"
Leave a vote if you like it !
Thanks ! good luck !!!

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