Anton Munter

One of my latest tracks! A song with a mixture of Future House and Future Bounce, perfect for the club or the mainstage at the festival! If you enjoy, why not give it a vote and a comment so I can tell my mom about it? If you didn't, then don't it is a free world we live in. But seriously leave a vote goddammit! All the best!


ReyMod.com1 year ago

vote! very good! bro, please vote for my new jobs and please follow me in soundcloud good luck!

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a T r a s h
a T r a s h1 year ago

It's cool :)

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UNEK1 year ago

Hi voted on your fire tune check my new track and voted too broo

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Hartur1 year ago

Hi ! I saw this sound in the new release ! Thought it was a sound like the others but it isn’t ! I voted guy ! 🔥🧐: melody sounds very good ! Drum is nice, maybe put some more eq on the kick, which is maybe to loude ! The dropp really sounds good and is my favorite parte of your sound ! Good bdp, mix is good.... do you know the OTT ? Try to use it more ! It’s very nice !
I really like your sound which i hope will be in the top 5, maybe top 1 ! Well done guy !
Keep working and you will become what you want !
I voted !
Please if you have time, which i took to write this, coulde you hear my last song : unknown and maybe vote for it ? Thanks a lot !
You can contact me if you have any question with the soundcloud messages ! See you soon I hope !
Keep working !

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V.X.D1 year ago

Love the rythm on this, so cool, excellent claps and pianos. Voted and Followed! I hope you can vote for my song The Universe. All the best.

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