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J SOLA8 months ago

Really nice track.
I Voted!
Would be awesome if you do the same and vote for my new track: "REWIND".

Dont forget to leave a comment if you voted back.

Follow me on SoundCloud and I will Follow you back. Good luck.

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FoxFX Music
FoxFX Music9 months ago

Hi Energywolf! Great remix! Love the energy! Voted. Please vote back for my track "Wish I Could Go" if you haven't already voted for me. Thanks!

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ReyMod.com9 months ago

congratulations, for being among the best!!!!, I'm glad that my vote is there for you, I admit your work! I hope you do not forget to listen to my music!

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DJ DEN9 months ago

Cool Job! Nice Theme!) Well done man! I'm VOTED for you!
Please bro, VOTE for my new remix: The Him - Nothing On Us (Remix by DJ DEN)!
I have invested a lot in this remix, I tried!
Thank you very much for such great support!
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We are one Big Musical Family!
See you)

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Sander Matell
Sander Matell9 months ago

Voted. Would you listen to my latest release "My Way"? Perhaps leave a comment or a vote? Thanks and good luck!

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Horbatso9 months ago

Cool remix voted !
Please check out my track "Warm" and vote back if you liked it.
Thank you!!!

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KHAmusic9 months ago

Great idea! Nice vibe! I like the song!!! Voted. Feel free to listen to my new track "Tomorrow"!

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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann9 months ago

Great remix, keep this good work up! Voted for you!
Check out my remix of Kriss Kross Amsterdam's "Whenever". Please help me to bring it up by voting back for it if you like it!

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iWip9 months ago

Wow, this is actually really good, Energy!

Watch out to not overcompress, because it can easily weaken your entire track! So I next time, try and apply a bit less :)
And also don't forget to sidechain :D!
But aside from that, good job, keep it up bro! I Voted it.

Just like you, I released a new track called "Call Me". I would be so happy if you chould check it out and vote for it. Thanks man! <3
Good Luck for the future!

If you want that I give you personal feedback to your tracks or any question you might have, make sure to leave me a follow ON SOUNDCLOUD and I'm more than happy to do it

With love,

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Lusitany9 months ago

Nice track! Awesome sound!
Voted. Vote back on my track BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.
I voted for your track because I loved it and who knows you will get TOP of Spinnin !! Maybe I'll play this music at the disco.
On Soundcloud follow me and I follow you too.
On Twitter: @lusitany
I accept followers / friends on facebook typing: Nelo Costa (Lusitany)
If you want to see my video enter on YouTube .... subscribe there because I'm about to release more original songs.
Thanks and good luck!

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Valerio-Rome9 months ago

I want to offer you my support by giving you a VOTE for your track!!
Good luck Man and I hope to see you in the TOP 10!
Remember, my friend, my vote is real!

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Taius9 months ago

Amazing one!!
Supported &voted.
Pls vote back on my latest Track 'Red Line'!
Thanks , have a nice day and good luck !

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PA-ONE9 months ago

Awesome style pick man!!!
Awesome track man!!!
Loved it!!!
Voted for sure!!!
can you please vote for my track ROCKSTAR???

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ASSEMBL3R9 months ago

Hey Energywolf,

I listened to your track, and i like it!
you got definitely my vote :)

i want to ask you, to listen to my track "Regenwald" and give me some feedback.
and if you like it, vote for me back :D

Kind Regards,


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Dj (Poseidon)
Dj (Poseidon)9 months ago

Hey man i listened to this track it’s awesome nice synths good drops i am gonna vote for your masterpiece
Buena suerte !!!!!!!! I support you

Could you just check out my track parasite and vote for

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BurakOzcan9 months ago

Good job dude i like it :) I voteeed
Please vote my track "HardParty"

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Alex Kase
Alex Kase9 months ago

Write me on Souncloud cause i'm looking for a COLLAB!!
Check my last track to see if you like my genre!! and if you like it maybe vote me back!! THANK YOU!! =)

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Danigar9 months ago

hello Energywolf
friend you have a great track with a pretty good job, I invite you to listen to Insomnia Remix by Misael Morato and me Danigar. greetings and that you succeed

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Rich Robbyn
Rich Robbyn9 months ago

Hi, I love this song, it's always good to listen to different and very creative proposals.
I've been here for a long time here in Spinnin and I know that not only a good song is enough, you also have to be lucky and have the help of others, because of course you can not give yourself your own song.
So we have to help each other to be able to go ahead together.
Here I leave my Vote and from now on I am your new follower too, You can check your XP points, for each Vote you get you raise 1 XP point and also you get the notification that you have a new Follower, if you do not get the notification that I am following you is because I already follow you beforehand, but take it for granted that you have my Vote here and I will follow you.
I do not ask you to be my Follower, I just want you to return the Vote to my remix COMFORTABLE to help each other.

A pleasure to talk to you, I wish you a lot of luck, go ahead that you will see the success smile because you already have the most important of all, talent.
A hug and many blessings.

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delarosa9 months ago

Excellent track! Voted. Please listen to my latest remix and vote / comment. Thanks in advance.

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