Flight 101

Jaxx Nevoa

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Vale End
Vale End9 months ago

Hello My name is Vale End
I was wondering if you could take a listen and if possible let me know if it is of your liking, and I appreciate your time.
Best Regards!

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Charlie Feder Tiger

Good track! Great movement and energy. Voted. Please vote back for my new track "- Retrum." Thanks

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EnergyWolf9 months ago

Great Track I like it😀 and you get my vote😀
but vote me back
Energy Wolf ft Max Vangeli:Last Night

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Trio9 months ago

Really nice wide vibe here, just like my newest track, masquerade! please check it out! you have my vote!!

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Eestpavel9 months ago

VOTED! Vote 4 my track too;)

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ONIMIC9 months ago

Voted, Sounds amazing! Anyways, could you give a listen at my last track? and if possible let me know if it is of your liking.

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Sickluv9 months ago


you have my vote !

Pls vote for my track ''Motions '' #voteforvote

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INFINTY9 months ago

Great work here bro. Love it!
super nice track and awesome build up!
You got my vote! please vote back for my new track


Thanks Bro, Success, all good for you

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Wick Music
Wick Music9 months ago

Mmmmm voted, vote for my new track "Feel The Bass (Original Mix)"

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Let Us Play!
Let Us Play!9 months ago

Banging Track!
Please have a listen to my new Track „What Makes You“ and if you like it, Vote for it ;-)

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R3lapse9 months ago

What a track mate !!! the vibes is really deep ! voted !

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Jakob Larsson
Jakob Larsson9 months ago

Really nice track! voted. Would appreciate if you could listen to my remix of messy :)

Score: 1
voxxel9 months ago

Wow great drop and kick!!!!!
Voted! Please vote for my track Dream! <3

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Sound Factory
Sound Factory9 months ago

Nice Track :) is it on Spotify jet?

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REEWIL9 months ago

dope !! voted

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Blonde Koala
Blonde Koala9 months ago

My vote for U!
Take a lsiten to my Nu Disco track "Mucho Mango"

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Lost Dj/Producer
Lost Dj/Producer9 months ago

Hello bro, You have my vote!

I invite you to listen to my new song "Tili tili bom"

I hope you like it!

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Rydz_9 months ago

Really cool music !

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Dj Goja
Dj Goja9 months ago

Big like !! Voted !

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Dedboi9 months ago

wooooooow nice track boi ^^ Voted !

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