Flight 101

Jaxx Nevoa

instagram: jaxx_nevoa_official


Nalpars9 months ago

voted and supported!! love this

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Nicky Sign
Nicky Sign9 months ago

good work!

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Ch3mical Productions

Good day fellow Amigo

I'm very intrigued by your sound.. great work

100% Voted

Now I've released my new track too and all I'm asking is for you to have a listen and some feedback goes along way.
Oh almost forgot track Title "Forbidden Sounds" i know right sounds super interesting!!!

Well Adios Amigo till the next trance banger

Ch3mical Productions

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YA-YA9 months ago

I love it... :) pls can you listen my song LET'S GET DRUNK and send me some feedback..thx YA-YA```

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OUTRAVEZ9 months ago

Very nice! Check out my new track REVALAND. THANKS

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Austin Bravo
Austin Bravo9 months ago

This is Dope man! I just voted for you. Can you please return the favour and vote for my 'Fight' track?

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JuRimix9 months ago

very cool, i like it and voted

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the.universedj9 months ago

Awesome track voted please vote back for my track Pirate

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cwong9 months ago

i'm not gonna say that I voted for this, because i didn't. frankly i don't believe it's of the quality to be number one as it's generic and the mix sounds really dull. If you're angry at me go check out my track so you can critique mine

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Root Introvert
Root Introvert9 months ago

\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/ This is pretty awesome!! \(◎o◎)/! 

I voted!

check my remix of "Don't you wanna"!

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Vale End
Vale End9 months ago

Hello My name is Vale End
I was wondering if you could take a listen and if possible let me know if it is of your liking, and I appreciate your time.
Best Regards!

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Danstep9 months ago

HEY dude , that is very track , i voted for you , please , can you listen my last track please ? ¨Alex Crow - Bipolar Princess (Danstep Remix)¨ Ohh , thanks

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Ellion Quincy OFFICIAL ✔✔✔

just watch!

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Ellion Quincy OFFICIAL ✔✔✔


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Oliver Jensen
Oliver Jensen9 months ago

Voted back!! Congrats on being Nr. 1.

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Azurnuk9 months ago

Can you check out my new track "La Flamenco"?
Thank you! :)

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The Lofersy
The Lofersy9 months ago

Vote. Good job★! I like your track.♥)))
Pls, check my Remix and vote back. Many thanks✾.
Good luck!✿

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Ray # Jay9 months ago

Hi Bro, We don't want to write a fake comment!
You all Know them.
Absolutely NO!
Would you like to exchange votes?
We already VOTED for your Track!
My friend, once We voted you, We will Not remove your vote !
I hope you will vote back for our Track Dirty.
Also Pls Follow us on Soundcloud, Thanks for you Big Support Bro!
Many thanks and good luck on your Music journey!

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Nomis.K9 months ago

Hello Jaxx Nevoa i enjoyed your Track that's why i commented here but i am not going to lie i also did this for self promotion purposes !
I am not really a fan of this kinda approach but i think you'll dig why i need to do that : )

I guess that you worked a lot on it .... keep it up : )

If you could Just take 20 seconds and jump over to my site and listen or maybe even vote for my newest track: NO MORE i would be really happy about it, anyway have a nice weekend : )

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Fancy Floss
Fancy Floss9 months ago

Voted! Nice Track. Please check my new track ‘Our Party’.

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