My remix of this great song for a contest over at Splice. Support at below link:


NickYan1 year ago

Nice track)

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Dykey1 year ago

Nice track I like it!

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LadyQBebe1 year ago


You have my follow!


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KOAŁLAI1 year ago

Hey bro Thanks for vote. This is awesome track. I voted back

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Dj Matvey
Dj Matvey1 year ago

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3MA D3LGADO1 year ago

I love this very good
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Charlie Feder Tiger

Good track! Great movement and energy. Voted. Please vote back for my new track "- Retrum." Thanks

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FoxFX Music
FoxFX Music1 year ago

Great remix, Delarosa! Voted. Please vote back for my new track "Bounce That Groove." Thanks!

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Khørds1 year ago

Nice intro mate, like the ambience of it! I think your percussion could be louder? and your kick more compressed to add more depth to your track? We've voted for you! Nice Work and good luck!

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Dmitrii Stucalschi

My name is Dmitri Ramsey
I listened to your track. This is a very cool and high-quality track.
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Calm Winds
Calm Winds1 year ago

Wow, huge track bro! Voted for you, you deserved it!
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Thank you a lot. All good for you.

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Fatih INCE
Fatih INCE1 year ago

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DJ SHANE(145)1 year ago

Nice man! You got my vote! I love the vibes! !I would be proud if you could 4 my song "Messy" as well :)

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DNDY1 year ago

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Arch Valentines
Arch Valentines1 year ago

Nice work!
ıllıllı Nice VIBES ıllıllı
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Steve Hawks
Steve Hawks1 year ago

Wow, huge track out there! Voted for you, you deserved it!
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Thank you

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Who Am Eye
Who Am Eye1 year ago

dope track keep it you got my vote

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NoNameMen1 year ago

Hey, it's a real shame that you didn't go higher with this amazing remix. Should have gone at least in the top 10. Really well mixed and some really unique stuff in it, even better than the original. Great work
You have my vote and full support, anytime you need help or any kind of honest feedback just hit me up
With that said, i do hope you can vote back on my latest track 'Interstellar' and leave some feedback. It would mean a lot

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DJ Swiftsound
DJ Swiftsound1 year ago

Loving those heavy, dark industrial sounds! Nice remix, dude! You've got my vote!

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Miss Tonica  (M.T)

Nice,voted,listen to my new party track "I get knock down!! And vote if you like it✌️

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