The Final Hour is a Melodic Dubstep track, I started this project over a year ago. But I never got to finish it until now.


Calm Winds
Calm Winds9 months ago

Music Incredible
Also, that's quite an cool name!
You definitely got my vote!
Could you please vote for my new remix "I Wanna Know (CALM WINDS REMIX)"?

Thank you so much!

All good for you

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Dmitrii Stucalschi
Dmitrii Stucalschi9 months ago

My name is Dmitri Ramsey
I listened to your track. This is a very cool and high-quality track.
If you can easily vote for my last track Poker
You can also go to the SoundCloud And like my track and I like your track in soundcloud
thank you in advance

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YA-YA10 months ago

---- Hello, VOTED. :) Pls check my songs --> LET'S GET DRUNK ---- > WHY ---- and VOTE BACK if you like.
Thank you so much... Good Luck.
YA-YA <><><>

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Ibragimova10 months ago

Beautiful music, voted! :)
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DISERPIER ✪10 months ago

Ey Fellow, your song is Stunnin'! Listening the drop with the Lead and the Bass... well the sound is perfect, I just add a couple more of gain in the compress-sound to make the kick more strong and split out the Frequencies between 50Hz to 150Hz with the EQ (Don't forget basic configuration to the kick: 5 or 6 dB, ratio 4:1, release in 200ms and attack in 0.1ms, and to the bass the ratio 3:1, attack between 2 and 10ms and 100ms of release, obiously taking this just like a reference and this like a advise). I believe that give a emotional and thrilling sensation on whole song. You have my vote definitely! I would like that you take a couple of minutes and check my latest song "Love me Tonight" a original song made for me and give a vote. I would be grateful with you, if you desire you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel too! Keep making this kind of songs brother! The Spinnin Records TOP is waiting for you!!

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Duplex Bassline
Duplex Bassline10 months ago

Awesome Track!🔥 Voted!✅
Let's help each other and vote for my latest Track "Morning Vibes" as well❤️️

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Soledad Maldonado
Soledad Maldonado10 months ago

Hi great track
Voted for you!
Please vote back on my track “ Keep Going”

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Jacob Music
Jacob Music10 months ago

Amazing sounds mate ! Voted
Check out my new track "Dream About You" and vote back please
Good luck :)

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Teen Wackies
Teen Wackies10 months ago


Please, check my last track, "Tangoliath", and if you like it, give me your vote.

Thank you!

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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo10 months ago

Really amazing track , I loved this style . Good solid synths in the drop ! Voted ! It would be cool if you could listen my track "Joyride", give feedback and vote if you liked

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LAFAYETTE ✪10 months ago

hey bro i don't know how you feel about self-promotion, but i would love if you could have a listen to my new track "Come". i really liked your work and hope you can vote back for mine. also if you want some feedback in the future, send me a message on instagram or soundcloud just click on my profile to get links, see you there :)

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UNEK10 months ago

Hi cool chill dubstep vibe unique words unique track I Vote for your tune check my new track and voted too broo

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PXZEL10 months ago

yo gallax, like what you're doing, love that vibe, keep up the grind, you got my vote! check out my zodiac theme retro edm if you a get a sec bro.

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Greenmamba13210 months ago

Great Track GALLAX VOTED !! Check out my latest track "Jaylyn Snow -Before I Fall (Greenmamba Remix)" and let's support each other.. GOOD LUCK !!! :)

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BRAUNFUFEL10 months ago

Oh god, love your music dude! This bassline is really cool!

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CLEOZIP10 months ago

Nice track.. voted.... check to my track LAUGH OUT LOUD.. hope you can vote it back

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DJ DEN10 months ago


Cool Job! Nice Theme! Well done! I'm VOTED for you!
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I have invested a lot in this remix, I tried!
Thank you very much for such great support!

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See you,

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller10 months ago

voted! vote back my new track RITMO !!!! thanks!voted! Latin,reggaeton,pop,rr

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Krab.10 months ago

nice track
pls listen my last track Reminiscence !

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Spe5tre10 months ago

awesome tack loved the drop and break also. voted, check out my song thatblackthread too. thanks!!!!

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