Bang With The O (Eestpavel Trap Remix)

Steff Da Campo feat. Snoop Dogg

Hey! It's me again) And today I wanna share with this TRAP REMIX!!! I hope You'll Like It! Also, get on the touch: FB: SC: Twitter: VK: Snapchat: Beatport: Spotify: Much Love, Eestpavel


NickZisou24 days ago

My friend this track is huge and ready to release ...keep making music

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3MA D3LGADO1 year ago

Great excellent song, Voted. If you have a little time, vote for my songs to see what they look like

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Lello_Oliver1 year ago

How are you going to brow?
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Very nice, great talent, I'm hoping to get the top positions.
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MAHDI1 year ago

Nice track, Voted and supported

give the voted back and keep it up

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I like your work, you stand out. Congratulations, you have my vote! Take time to vote for my music, ok? A hug my friend

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GVL1 year ago

Good track I voted !
Could you vote for my new remix to Yellow Claw
Thank you!

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PXZEL1 year ago

yo steff, sweet trapp mannn, love that flowwwww, keep up the grind, you got my vote! i just put out a new zodiac edm, gemini ! lmk if i did it right

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Calm Winds
Calm Winds1 year ago

Amazing track dude, beautiful work, you got my support
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i'm sure you'll like it, waiting for your vote <3

Success bro, all good for you!!!!

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Azurnuk1 year ago

Sorry my mistake for repeating :)

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Azurnuk1 year ago

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Thank You! :)

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Dmitrii Stucalschi

My name is Dmitri Ramsey
I listened to your track. This is a very cool and high-quality track.
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thank you in advance

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Azurnuk1 year ago

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oNik Music
oNik Music1 year ago

This is Dope man! I just voted for you. Can you please return the favour and vote for my 'BASS MOOD' track? 💭

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UNEK1 year ago

Hi I voted for this fire chcek my new track and voted too broo!!

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LAFAYETTE ✪1 year ago

hey bro i don't know how you feel about self-promotion, but i would love if you can have a listen to my new track "Come". i really liked your work and hope you can vote back for mine. also if you want some feedback in the future, send me a message on instagram or soundcloud, just click on my profile to get links, see ya there :)

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WOWLAND Records1 year ago

Great work here. Love it! :)
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Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️1 year ago

Hey Eestpavel, I voted! Take a second to follow my Soundcloud : maxmaddmusic
Good luck!

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J SOLA1 year ago

Really nice track.
I Voted!
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Y A Y A1 year ago

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Spe5tre1 year ago

awesome track bro, you have unique style, i loved it, awesome! voted, check out my track thatblackthread too. thanks!,!

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