Please, enjoy!


Duplex Bassline
Duplex Bassline1 year ago

Wonderful Track!🔥 Definitely Voted!✅
Let's help each other and vote for my latest Song "Get Down" too❤️️

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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann1 year ago

Great track, keep this good work up :) I voted for you!
Check out Darvii's and mine new track "Level Up". Please help us to bring it up by voting back for it if you like it!

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TheLoser;1 year ago

I´ll vote for your track if you´ll vote for my latest “Come On Bitch (Let´s do some Party) ft. Samantha W.".

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AraasOfficial1 year ago

I vote for it. Please check my new track "Never give up" and vote back. Good Luck!

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AraasOfficial1 year ago

I vote for you. Please check my new track "Never give up" and vote back. Good Luck

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Y A Y A1 year ago

:) .. . - - -Hey I like it... VOTED. pls check my songs LET'S GET DRUNK -- WHY and vote back if you like

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LAFAYETTE ✪1 year ago

hey bro i don't know how you feel about self-promotion, but i would love if you can have a listen to my new track "Come". i really liked your work and hope you can vote back for mine. also if you want some feedback in the future, send me a message on instagram or soundcloud, just click on my profile to get links, see ya there :)

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BIONT ✪1 year ago

Cool track SWHA!!! Voted!!! I love the chords, the melody and the good quality sounds that you have used; also the mix isn't so bad.
If you have time please checkout my ne track "Seaside" and please Vote back. Keep it up bro!!!

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WOWLAND Records1 year ago

Great work here. Love it! :)
We are a record label and artist management company.
We would love to work with you and we could release your music. Visit our website (link on our profile) and send us your demo.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

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Peter Pinehiller

voted! vote back my LOVESONG & MOMENT ! thanks!

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Nemosis1 year ago

I voted for your Awesome Track!
Please Vote Back My New Track "Crying Angel"
TYSM Bro!!

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Greenmamba1321 year ago

AWESOME TRACK SWHA309 VOTED !! Check out my new track "Halloween BUMP" and let's continue supporting each other..GOOD LUCK !! :) Also check me out on Soundcloud (Greenmamba)

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Johnny Production

Hello voted!!
My name is Johnny
I listened to your track. This is a very cool and high-quality track.
If you can easily vote for my last track Shield of Stars
thank you in advance.

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DLF>PROJECT1 year ago


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Technjx1 year ago

Hey!!!!! I just finished listening to your track and all I can say is that it is really good. There are some elements in here where I can hear your are working on developing your own sound. Keep heading in that direction, you definitely have my vote! 

I hope you can take the time and vote back for my new tracks 'Woosh', 'Careless Whisper' & ‘Smile a little bit’ and leave me some feedback and a heart/like; it would be greatly appreciated. 

If you ever need support in the future with a vote, follow me on SoundCloud and message me. I will follow back for support. You can also send me some of your work through SoundCloud and I will take a listen to it and provide you with some feedback or comments. It may take some time because I get a lot of music sent to me but I will get back to you. Look forward to talking to you soon. 


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RANDY TORRES [Official] ✪

tienes bueas ideas al producir! te dejo mi voto! ojala puedas pasar por mi perfil y comentar seria un honor! gracias bro!

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TOBI CHERRIX1 year ago

Melody sounds great :)
i want to support you. You defenetly got my vote 😊
please vote also for my track endboss, good luck

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No Sleep Club
No Sleep Club1 year ago

Hey SWHA0309!

This music is amazing, very unique, keep it up! We like it so much and you got our vote of course!
We hope you reach the top on the list!

Can you check our new music called Shitsuren, and if you like it can you vote for us?
Thank you so much have a great day.

King regards, Nayour X Breshka

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The Lofersy
The Lofersy1 year ago

Vote. Good job★! I like your track.♥)))
Pls, check my track and vote back. Let's help each other! Many thanks✾. Good luck!✿

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ReyMod.com1 year ago

Hi, im ReyMod from Argentina, Hey! Really COOL! Support Your!, please check my jobs and vote it and please follow me in twitter @reymod77 and so, we will be in contact

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