Hey Guys,Listen My First EDM Project!


Oliver Jensen
Oliver Jensen1 day ago

This track is pretty good. Voted!
I'll vote back for everyone that vote for my track!

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Mikael aguilera

Perfect track I really like I voted 😊
Please voted for my new track I like to move it thanks

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Shy Wry
Shy Wry1 day ago

I saw your track falling down and i really hope that it should be on top
and i just uploaded my new song "How D'you?" on spinnin and would like to know how the top charters would like it?
i voted your track man and hope you could comment on my track and vote for it too

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V&Shmit1 day ago

Yeeee incendiary rhythm! Voted

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DJ SACER2 days ago

Nice track sounds amazing voted for it vote back our track forever too it's an amazing track produced by us let's support each other by voting and take our music too the world!!

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Michael Ihde
Michael Ihde2 days ago

You have my vote! can you vote back to my song missing love :-)

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Roby, I like your work, you stand out. Congratulations, you have my vote! Take time to vote for my new music, okay? A hug my friend

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B3YERS2 days ago

Hey man - I really like what you've got going on here! The idea is based around general big room, but you've twisted it into your own form and I love that. However, there are a few things that I think you could improve on which could make the track better.

Firstly, I feel like as the track progresses into the drop, the kick looses its low-end, hence losing its power. There are also too many high-mid frequencies in the drop, and these could be causing your kick to be underpowered. I'd work on the mixdown a bit. Also, the buildup isn't very full. Try adding a few more sounds that really compliment what you've got going on.

Overall, I love the idea! It'd mean the world if you could vote for my latest track, 'Issues', which I worked on with a producer buddy of mine. I'd greatly appreciate that. Many thanks! :)

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B.O.T.B2 days ago


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Deimaestri2 days ago

Hey, awesome remix! Keep this great work up, love it! I voted for you!
Check out my new remix “Youngblood“. Please help me to bring it up by voting back for it!!

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Mabi3 days ago

Hey, nice work :) voted! would be nice if you could listen to my track too and to give me some feedback ^_^

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DJ SACER3 days ago

Bro is great look checa my trac that I just launched is psytrance!!!

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kerem çeken
kerem çeken3 days ago

Nice track! could you please check out mine?

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Zajdel3 days ago

Cool track! I just released a new single “What You Do To Me ft. Liz Hope” check it out, vote if you like it!

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Yaksha3 days ago

WOW!!! Dope track. Love it. Voted!!!
Please check my new track "Vodka" and support me by voting if you like it.

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Spiik3 days ago

Nice track. Voted. Hope you vote back too :-)

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PP774 days ago

voted! vote back my tracks! thanks!ss

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PP664 days ago

voted! vote back my tracks! thanks!xx

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Really great melody!!! Voted!!! Can you plz check my new progressive house track Yesterday is gong and vote if you like?

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V£ktar4 days ago

Voted:)......Great track.
..nice melody on the mixdown.....👍👍.....check out some of my work and vote if you like wat u hear.....thnx✌✌✌

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