Album WOBLA - Palitra (2018) OUT NOW!


oneZero11 year ago

Nice track
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Nexuda1 year ago

Hey Wobla you got a really nice track there. I voted for you. It would be really nice of you if you could vote back to my track "Breeze".
Good work keep it up.

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ReyMod.com1 year ago

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BlackFox1 year ago

Good work.
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Thank you......

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Peter Pinehiller

Voted! Vote back my SELFISH ( now on Spotify )!thanks!!!WHEN YOUR HEART HAS GIVEN UP!

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LeoVince1 year ago

cool id bro

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Gian R
Gian R1 year ago

Very Good work !!! VOTED :)

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YɅSS1 year ago

Hey dude, you got some really good vibes in there! Good try and the next track will be better every time! You have my Vote and Support!!
It won't take long, In exchange, I would you to check my track "SCHIZOFRENIA" and hit the "Vote", Thank you!!
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