A bit of House with Latin percussion, a very simple song but full of energy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. A hug!!


Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel1 year ago

I want to offer you my support by giving you a VOTE for your track.
I hope you will vote back for:
Good luck and I hope to see you in the TOP 10 !

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No Sleep Club
No Sleep Club1 year ago


This music is amazing, very unique, keep it up! We like it so much and you got our vote of course!
We hope you reach the top on the list!

Can you check our new remix called 'Aim To Kill' from Terravita & Bare, and if you like it can you vote for us?
Thank you so much have a great day.

King regards, Nayour X Breshka

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Peak*Oz1 year ago

Great beat good Drums,great Enery Track voted thanks for following , i followed back

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VRTHNKK1 year ago

Hi Rich, First I want to thank you for an advice and a feedback on my Tune MIЯROЯS
Yes, I am actually just a bedroom producer without much knowledge about all this ;) and yes, I think I have developed quite unique style.

Sometimes I feel like i should really follow trends and try to match the current taste, but on the other hand i quite like my tracks so let the trends change to fit me ! :D (I mean i would be the happiest one on Earth if at least someone got interested @_@)

I am here for few weeks, and I quite dislike the fact everyone is copy pasting comments, say the followed and voted but they didn't...
I dont care that much about getting BIG, i just love to make music and hoping to find few people that will truly feel it!
Would rather to have 10 real fans than 10000 "COOL TRACK BRO VOTE ON MINE!"

One day maybe going to fit this weird style somewhere ;D

Checked out your music and followed back, wish you all the luck to reach top!
Take care sir.

Ps. At the end its music and there are no limits ;) just need to get better technically because got too many ideas ;p
Pps. Do you name your projects "mirrors_super_FINAL32_premaster2a_BEST-finalFINALx-version6" as well? haha names of my projects are ridiculous ><

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Jaza1 year ago

Awesome! I really like this! You got my vote

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R3YCAM1 year ago

Votado !! Muy buena pista excelente trabajo Me gustaría que escuches mi pista y la votes si quieres, por favor.....

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R3YCAM1 year ago

Votado !! Muy buena pista excelente trabajo Me gustaría que escuches mi pista y la votes si quieres, por favor..

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Vale End
Vale End1 year ago

Hey man

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V£ktar1 year ago

😀👍Superb track brvh.....i like the variety and grooiness.....its definitely worth the vote.....👌Voted!!!

And remember....u can always check my work out anytime...thanks✌✌✌😀

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Xedis1 year ago

voted!! good track! if you want you can support me with a vote on my new track "Sunny"!!
you can support me also on soundcloud and youtube !! :D

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Kozmo1 year ago

Great track! Also thanks for the kind words on my newest track "Midnight Sun"

Score: 0

All your tracks are dope bro👌🎧🎧🎧

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LadyQBebe1 year ago



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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel1 year ago

Hi RR I don't want to write a fake comment!
Would you like to exchange votes?
I already VOTED for your track!
My friend, once I voted you, I will DO NOT remove your vote Man!
I hope you will vote back for:
Many thanks, and good luck!

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SamShuk1 year ago

That's Amazing !

I voted for your track !

Please vote for my track " FOREVER"

Thanks !!!!!!!!

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kuribo1 year ago

Nice Remix!!Voted!!!

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DimSub1 year ago

Huge!!! Love IT!!! Yo bro check my ne track - "DimSub - Metal Future" Thx! <33

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LS Bros
LS Bros1 year ago

Bro you got skill and you master is great .I really like to vote 4 it :)

Score: 0
Loki.1 year ago

Hear my new House track ´Memories`, enjoy this chill vibe, vote and comment what you think!

Score: 0

voted <3 nice track
plisss voted my track abbys of time

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