N Effect aka Doro

New Future House Music!


TheReindeers8 days ago

The drop is very nice with that high-pitch sound!

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MORPH.8 days ago

I'm in love with this track!

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Nqbeats9 days ago

love it, good work

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Daniel Bohen
Daniel Bohen9 days ago

Great Future House Vibe, specially the vocals and amazing drop.
Voted for you.
I would appreciate it if you could vote back on my track "Cruel Destiny"🙏❤
Good luck.😊

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Tenebris9 days ago

Hey !, nice track. Im new to this Talent pool thing but it seems everyone votes each others song if you have the appetite for the track that is. Id ask for, a vote yes(if you like it) but more importantly some feedback on the track. My intention is to create better music, so I'd appreciate feedback from an artist like you. Thank you!

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TR3SL4NK9 days ago

the vocal chop its nice
good work !

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Will Heaven
Will Heaven9 days ago

Yooo !!

I took the time to listen to some works and to be sincere, I really like yours!

Do not give up and continue working every day!

you have my vote of support.

I will leave a moment to discover my new work "Taslia" which means (Hobby). I hope you will not be disappointed!

good luck!! :)

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XERHO9 days ago

You made really a good track, voted for you. If you want could you please vote my remix for the contest of musicbyLUKAS - STILL IN LOVE
It would mean a lot to me. THANK YOU.

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Alx & Gbr
Alx & Gbr9 days ago

hey I loved your track, I would like it if you too vows me to my last track Black Shadows

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F.A.M9 days ago

Nice track! You got our vote. Please check our track aswell and vote if you like! Thanks and good luck!

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Alex Caspian
Alex Caspian9 days ago

Nice ttack, I voted. I hear vibes that are typical for your tracks. Please vote back for tropical house like track "Pilot Brothers 2018".

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Zajdel10 days ago

Awesome track, congrats on being in the top 10! I just released my latest single "For Free ft. Liz Hope" check it out, vote if you like it!

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Deneo10 days ago


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North  Crew
North Crew10 days ago

what a track!

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LessTroPied10 days ago

WOW good job N EFFECT

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Alx & Gbr
Alx & Gbr10 days ago

congratulations beautiful track voted. vote for my last track Black Shadows

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Akkrom10 days ago

Hi. a great song, keep it up.

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SLICKYY10 days ago

Great work! Got my Vote! Would be insane if you check my track too and leave a vote!

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SamShuk10 days ago

Thats Amazing !

I voted for your track!

Please vote for my track "PING"

Thanks !!!

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21ROR10 days ago

best track

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