I hope you like it! Listen till the end, for the best part ;)


Lello_Oliver1 year ago


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Different1 year ago

what? :D

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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison1 year ago

Hi dude ! Just listened your remix and must admit that your work is really great, I really love it ! Voted for you ! You can vote for my remix by checking it on my profile ! Thanks !

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Vilgotlava ✪
Vilgotlava ✪1 year ago

Really cool remix you've made! The future bass drop is really nice with the smooth chords! I voted for sure! If you have some time you can also check out my remix of musicbyLUKAS - Still In Love and maybe vote for it ;)

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Tonyschwery1 year ago

HELLO DIFFERENT:) got my vote :) nice work ! pls follow and vote back and hope u will like my remix..good luck

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Dante Davis1 year ago

I like what I hear. You have my vote. Maybe vote on my latest remix too? Check it out I won't disappoint you.

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Akashii1 year ago


Voted for you!

Could you please check out my remix too and vote it if you like it? Thank you!

Good luck!

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Poste1 year ago

Good Stuff

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Andrewq1 year ago

I love your work My vote is yours.
I also invite you to listen to my track and earn your vote.....

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OfficialDYBEC1 year ago

Hi A DIFFERENT, I heard your Remix and I had to leave some positive feedback!!
I like the sounds you used making the break, it creates this interesting atmosphere that atracts the listeners!!
The overall mixing and mastering is great!!, hit me up on my soundcloud cause I think we have a similar style!!!!
It would mean the world if you could check out my new Remix on my profile!!
Let me know what you think and comment down below that you've voted so that I can vote back!
Thank you!

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LYNK1 year ago

future bass! We had the same idea for the cover haha. Would love to know what you think of my track!

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Jordan Oliver
Jordan Oliver1 year ago

Love the future bass drop! If you've got time, check out my remix too!

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Hype Dj
Hype Dj1 year ago

i voted you,for me is one of the best...
If you want vote mine

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ANTHOON1 year ago

Hi I'm ANTHOON, Good Version !

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Peter Pinehiller

voted! vote back my TUJAMO REMIX, SELFISH and LETS BE WILD! thanks!

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