Hey guys, this is my remix for Tujamo's Say What You Wanna for the Spinnin Records Remix contest. Would be insane if you could vote for my remix on the official contest site: Greetings SLICKYY xo


000f4005 months ago

Nice track. Voted. Hope you vote back too)

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Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi5 months ago

I vote for you. Please vote for my new track "Waiting For Spring". Follow me on SoundCloud and I will follow you back!

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Lucas Hills
Lucas Hills5 months ago

Hi dude
Good Remix I Voted ;D I Love the intro and the drop is very catchy!! Just at the second part of the second drop add some drum can add changement ;D
If you have the time please comment my remix for help me and vote!
If you love it you can share it on soundcloud ( LucasRmnd )

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Universe Planet
Universe Planet5 months ago

Hey we are SUBBASS we really enjoyed your track we give you a VOTE !! Please listen to our remix say what you wanna and give us a vote back thanks for your support!!

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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison5 months ago

Hi SLICKYY ! Just listened your remix and must admit that your work is really great, I really love it ! Voted for you ! You can vote for my remix by checking it on my profile ! Thanks !

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EnergyWolf5 months ago

Great Track I like it😀and you get my vote but vote me back Energy Wolf ft Arno cost 1000Sun

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Lucas Hills
Lucas Hills5 months ago

Very Good remix one of the best. Good intro whis strange atmosphere for the drop i think clap/snap can add groove ;D
I Voted!!
If you have the time you can see my remix of "Say What You Wanna" please comment for help me and vote ;D

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Dante Davis5 months ago

Wow, I really like this. You earned my vote man! Maybe vote back on my latest remix? I know you'll like it.

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Vilgotlava ✪
Vilgotlava ✪5 months ago

Really cool deep house remix you've made! Nice brass stabs in the drop along with all the percussions and the chords! I voted for sure! If you have some time you can also check out my remix of musicbyLUKAS - Still In Love and maybe vote for it ;)

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UNEK5 months ago

Hi I voted! Good luck in contest broo Check my new track and give voted, Thanks.!.!.!

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Tonyschwery5 months ago

super sounds,voted!! pls could you vote back?? good luck

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Boix & Breakloop
Boix & Breakloop5 months ago

voted !!! please vote our new mixtapee!!!

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Lello_Oliver5 months ago

How are you going to brow?.
I voted for your music * TUJAMO / LUKAS / MY FEELINGS
Very nice, great talent, I'm hoping to get the top positions
I'm following you in the nets
Can I ask for your vote?...;;
Follow me too, we'll exchange information about production..

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MR.PENGUIN5 months ago

wow this is very cool

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Bryce T
Bryce T5 months ago

Cool track! You have my vote, and will probably get many more for your efforts. Could you please spare a second of your time and vote❤ for my new 'Say What You Wanna' remix.
You can also follow me on soundcloud for a follow back!!
Much appreciated and good luck!!!

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Elc5 months ago

Amazing drop bassline! I like it and voted!
I'm glad if you listen to my Dubstep remix track "Say What You Wanna".

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Gyllenskepp5 months ago

Well done man, creative and really nice!
Love the bass man!

Please check out my remix Still In Love, and vote if you like it! :)

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OfficialDYBEC5 months ago

Hi SLICKYY, I heard your Remix and I had to leave some positive feedback!!
I like the sounds you used making the break, it creates this interesting atmosphere that atracts the listeners!!
The overall mixing and mastering is great!!, hit me up on my soundcloud cause I think we have a similar style!!!!
It would mean the world if you could check out my new Remix on my profile!!
Let me know what you think and comment down below that you've voted so that I can vote back!
Thank you!

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Daniel Bohen
Daniel Bohen5 months ago

Hey! Really cool drop, specially the brass sound!
Thank you for your vote on my track "Cruel Destiny"
Voted back!
Good luck.

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Deneo5 months ago

From the beginning itching to hit vote. Nice Slickyy.

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