Hello. It's Xerho. Take a listen to my remix and don't forget to hit like. Thank you.


Lello_Oliver1 year ago

How's your friend?...;
My vote, excellent, I listened and loved, I'm also following you, I can ask you the same kindness, listen and vote for my music * FUSION and STILL AND LOVE *, if you have time follow me in the networks.

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Rob Brooks
Rob Brooks1 year ago

Dope stuff you got my vote fam can you please do the same for my new song Tea

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Useless!1 year ago

How did you vote if the contest is closed??

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Whuulfy1 year ago

Really cool track!

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T33GA1 year ago

Nice remix, love drop. the leads and bass goes very well. keep it up!!!

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TPOE1 year ago

Nice Style!

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Danny Leax
Danny Leax1 year ago

voted!, feel !free to check my remix and vote it too!!

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Danny Leax
Danny Leax1 year ago

just submitted mine,please go check it out!!

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Boxidro1 year ago


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IPN1 year ago

good remix bro

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septacon1 year ago

Hey man! thanks for the follow! I followed back and voted this remix! Smooth man. Gotta love those progressive vibes.

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BenceSudar1 year ago

Voted! Good remix! If you have a few seconds, you can do it back :)

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Sky931 year ago

Amazing remix, interesting intro, drum, voice (refixed), synth and refrain

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Jaldemark1 year ago

I saw you commented on my remix. I like your type of cinematic + Future House vibe! You have my vote as well!

(Maybe the kick could have had some more punch perhaps) :)


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Reptian1 year ago

Hey man , I like the drop ,you have my vote :)

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Ejiro Joshua
Ejiro Joshua1 year ago


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J@ck R?y
J@ck R?y1 year ago


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Dax Maxim
Dax Maxim1 year ago

Hi Cool mix!! Checkout my remix of Still in love! please vote if you like it :)

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HMLYN1 year ago

ur remix is sick!!
i voted for this fire dude
plss vote bck for my latest track

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Lotto music
Lotto music1 year ago


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N Effect Music
N Effect Music1 year ago

You have a lot of comments on here and a lot of them are spam but I'm telling you right now, I entered this contest and was very content with my remix but I've listened to yours a couple of times and you are some stiff competition. Your remix is very nice. I look forward to the outcome of this. Good luck to you!

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