I Will vote, But since there are a lot of spam comments going on in here I will only vote on the comments on my SOUNDCLOUD page. Link in my profile. Thanks for listening. Let`s stay connected :) Instagram: Patrickbelfortmusics Twitter: Patrick7belfort Facebook: Patrickbelfort


Daferra1 year ago

🔊 You got my vote!! Could you please give my track a vote too? I would be very thankful!
📷 Instagram @daferramusic - I'll follow back
🎵 Soundcloud @daferra

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Dave Baker
Dave Baker1 year ago

cool track, I like it!
let's be mutual, listen to my new track "jungle" and vote for it.
good luck!

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PP661 year ago

Voted! Vote back my tracks! thanks!

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aaaaxxxx1 year ago

Amazing job! Voted :)

Vote for my remix "musicbyLukas - Still In Love", waiting for your vote <3

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Løuable1 year ago

Hey P
I really enjoyed this track you made. I love the vibe, could still use some tweaks in the midranges but still very nice :). Worth the vote.
I'd apreciate it if you took a look at mine and leave some feedback aswell as a vote, since we are all in the same boat here ;).

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DomeMusic1 year ago

I like that track!
Voted for you!!!

Please vote back for my track, thx :)

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CJ211 year ago

Check out my remix of Dan&shay Tequila. Voted. All the best Namaste!!!

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Veronika River
Veronika River1 year ago

Nice techno beat!

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R3YCAM1 year ago

I hope you find yourself well that you are reading this.
Your track is something sensational, very good melody and rhythm, really voted.
I hope and you are a winner, on the other hand I would like you to support me by listening to my new theme [Ghost Town] and if you liked that you vote for her.

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DimSub1 year ago

Awesome!!! Love You're track! Go Check My New Release - Hell Rider!

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Fatih INCE
Fatih INCE1 year ago

Great track! Voted! Vote back on my latest remix "HISLERIM", if you like it!

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4Smile1 year ago

hey, great track, I like your art, you have your own style and sound, voted !, Please vote my last track "Brass Mood" and give a comment. subscribe to soundcloud and I will subscribe to you :)

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NYKOLUKE1 year ago

Great g-house that trumpet synth in drop amazing, voted! Please listen and vote for my new remix ,thanks.

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Nobile G
Nobile G1 year ago

Voted! You deserve to be on the top! Great music! Vote back my remix “Still in love”, thanks:)

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Batuhan Aydil
Batuhan Aydil1 year ago

voted, nice track .

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Anthony.White 2100

vote for you bro good Job

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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann1 year ago

Hey, awesome track! Keep this great work up, love it. I voted for you!
Go check out my new track “Hypnosis“. Please help me to bring it up by voting back for it.

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~K4RMA1 year ago

Sounds really like a classic and unique idea. Keep up and help me with a vote aswell!

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Patrick, I like your work, you stand out. Congratulations, you have my vote! Take time to vote for my new music, okay? A hug my friend

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R.W1 year ago

voted for you vote for my new track Take Me Down

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