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SuperRichard4448 months ago

This is a Chill and Relax Track man.
Thanks a lot 4 your Support.
I Vote you back my friend.
Peace from the Netherlands :-)

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Alchy Dash
Alchy Dash8 months ago

this is chill. dope track. here's your vote.

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totally not my old account

Gee, at least this one's diffrent.

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LEKS BEATS9 months ago

Voted ;)

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C bass
C bass9 months ago

all your music meen!!! i already follow you on instagram!! if u interested in work on something follow me back!! and we are gonna get connected! u have good music to be honest!! this is some good stuff men!!!

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UNEK9 months ago

I voted on Shanghai before soo I voted on this track ! :) good luck !

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Wichislav10 months ago

----Jo, Nice Track m8!-----

You know what you do, i like your style, respect!
If you wish something and you believe in it, you will get it someday!
Probably i´ll see you in the top 10!
Stay tuned!
I voted for you.
I hope you gonna take A look at my new release too; "LiveStas - Trancfer".
Have A nice day!


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WOWLAND Records10 months ago

Great work here. Love it! :)
We are a record label and artist management company.
We would love to work with you and we could release your music. Visit our website (link on our profile) and send us your demo.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

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Pulsetronica10 months ago

Hi bro,

Great track and I VOTED it.

Check out my tracks "TOP SHELF" and "ENERGY"

If they reach top 10 I will be FOLLOWING everyone who VOTED and commented on this track on SPINNIN RECORDS, SOUNDCLOUD, INSTAGRAM..

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Acosti10 months ago

VOTED!! big like :D

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Baptøø10 months ago

it's a chill track it's very cool ! i voted for you and you have full support !

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Baptøø10 months ago

it's a chill track it's very cool ! i voted for you and you have full support :)

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JinJinJinJin10 months ago

Hey LAFAYETTE, supporting your track with a vote!
If you get the time, can you support my track "Not Afraid" with a vote also, thank you!

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JG´ X10 months ago

What a colleague, I like your job, it sounds good, you have talent, I vote for you.
Take a look at my new work "One Love", vote if you liked my track¡!!

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Lukker10 months ago

What an amazing track, your chords are amazing, I felt really better listening to this song, amazing vibes I got from this one bro, you defnitely have my vote.

If you have time check my new song called "Dream" and let's make the dream become true =D

Keep up doing your songs, you have a great talent, amazing work man congratulations.

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Simonsfield10 months ago

voted! vote back my I CAN FEEL!thanks!voted! vote back my I CAN FEEL!thanks!

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TeenageBuddha10 months ago

Listen to my Track Deal With That and VOTE for it if you like. I'll VOTE BACK ASAP..! Definitely

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Dave Baker
Dave Baker10 months ago

Hey guy,

Cool theme! Well done! I voted for you!
Please vote for my new track: the ocean!
Many thanks for the support!

Come and visit me at SoundCloud,

We are one big musical family!

See you later,

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the Voyager
the Voyager10 months ago

Hey! I really like the vibe of this track! I voted for your track because I can tell that you've been working on creating a sound that is unique to you and if you keep working to do what you're doing you're definitely going to get where you want to be!

If you want, feel free to stop by my Soundcloud and follow me, you can also send message me and I can give you more in-depth feedback or comments on your tracks.

Also, I did just release my new track 'Taken', so if you wouldn't mind checking it out and letting me know what you think I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and have a great day!

the Voyager

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S&M ☑
S&M ☑10 months ago

Nice track man Voted, keep up the good work!! if you get the chance could you please check out my new single Long Way Home featuring Megan Perry? Much love thank you.

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