enjoy the summer


MAHDI11 months ago

Very good and Voted + Supported
Keep it up
Give the Voted Back

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XERHO11 months ago

!!Hi man. Im following you and voted your track. Could you please vote back my remix of musicbylukas - still in love?
It would mean a lot to me
Thank you so much for your support.

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4Smile11 months ago

hey, great track, I like your art, you have your own style and sound, voted !, Please vote my last track "Brass Mood" and give a comment. subscribe to soundcloud and I will subscribe to you :)

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Fatih INCE
Fatih INCE11 months ago

Great track! Voted! Vote back on my latest remix "HISLERIM", if you like it!

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Sonrri, I like your work, you stand out. Congratulations, you have my vote! Take time to vote for my new music, okay? A hug my friend

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Gyllenskepp1 year ago

Nicce work, thats a good twist, heavy drop man!! :)

Please check out my remix "Still In Love", and vote if you like it!
I will vote and follow and hopefully u will do that back! :)
It's good to have producers around!

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rougdrag1 year ago

here is XP Point 437:-)
I vote for you,

I present a music project called "Hacker&Preuss" on my side
they made a remix for me,
would be glad if you would vote him,

love and Peace

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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann1 year ago

Hey, awesome track! Keep this great work up, love it! I voted for you :)
Go check out my new track “Hypnosis“. Please help me to bring it up by voting back for it.

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Lukas Loechert
Lukas Loechert1 year ago

Nice track.
Keep it up.
You have my vote.
Feel free to listen to my new track "Action".
Follow me on SoundCloud if You like my music .

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Zephs1 year ago

Amazing Track my bro!! Voted! Please vote my new bootleg of “Taki Taki” by DJ Snake. Thanks very much!

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Dante Davis1 year ago

Wow, I really like this. You earned my vote man! Maybe vote back on my latest remix? I know you'll like it.

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Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi1 year ago

I vote for you. Please vote for my new track "Waiting For Spring". Follow me on SoundCloud and I will follow you back!

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Daferra1 year ago

🔊 You got my vote!! Could you please give my track a vote too? I would be very thankful!
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Akashii1 year ago

I am sorry that this is a copied and pasted comment but I don't really have enough time to ask everyone for their vote ):

I just wanted to tell you that I checked out your track and I voted for it!!!! Would you do the same for me please?

I have a remix on my profile that I would like for to win. Could you vote it please if you like it?

And also if possible please give your honest feedback on it if you have the time? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck!!!! Lets make the world a great place with our music!!!!! Cheers!!! 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻

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000f4001 year ago

Nice. Voted. Hope you vote back too.

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Xonic1 year ago

en muy buen tema me dan ganas de ponerlo a toda hora muy buenos ritmos votado

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Bass Sky
Bass Sky1 year ago

Im bass sky leaving honest review to everybody, THANK YOU FOR LEAVING YOUR VOTE IN MY SONG ---- ( SLIDE ) ----

vocal chops are so beautiful how you do that?

very cool song voted

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Clyde Urban
Clyde Urban1 year ago

The intro is really nice, and it makes me nostalgic for hot summer nights. The rest of the tune is not exactly that well mixed, but i feel like you are getting to that point where your mix will be great.

The vocal chops are good and overall the tune is damn fine.

You got my vote

Now, with that said, i do hope you can check out my latest tune called 'Generation Bounce' and leave a vote, it would mean a lot to me my man if you could also give me some honest feedback. Thank you!

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PXZEL1 year ago

yo sonrri, Happy sunday! I like your new track, great energy! keep it up, i really like this sound for you, left you a vote!! If you got a sec, check out my zodiac themed edm, could use a vote on the newest “virgo”! (btw i got 8/12 zodiac done, so if yours is up there, lmk if i did you right!)

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Fatih INCE
Fatih INCE1 year ago

Voted for you bro. Give a vote back on my new remix "HİSLERİM!" please?

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