A beautiful track by musicbyLUKAS - Still in Love, remixed by ZXR Productions for Spinnin' Records Remix Contest. Thanks for listening! I wish the best to all participants/remixers.


Dax Maxim
Dax Maxim1 year ago

WOw nice one ! Checkout my remix of Still in love! please vote if you like it :)

Score: 1
ZXRProductions1 year ago

Thank you, you got my vote.

Score: 0
JIMMI1 year ago

Dude,,,,, you're winning this no way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTED
take a momemnt and VOTE for my remix (((((((((((( Still In Love )))))))))))))

Score: 1
Klevis & Leo
Klevis & Leo1 year ago

Cool remix! Just voted check supported! Check our last track too and vote if you like!

Score: 1
ZXRProductions1 year ago

Voted. Energetic drop, I like that.

Score: 0
wallisthomas8911 year ago

Luv it flame Voted!

Score: 1
Ira	Noah
Ira Noah1 year ago

Sounds great Voted!

Score: 1
Dewey	Alva
Dewey Alva1 year ago

Blue the music is banging as always

Score: 1

Great job blue flame Voted!

Score: 1
barkersean9231 year ago

good luck guys you deserve it~@#

Score: 1
porterj721 year ago

Soo much talent...~~!!~ Voted!

Score: 1
jacob.hughes621 year ago

So excited for you! Good luck!!!´╗┐

Score: 1
Alexander	Harley

Goodluck fellers!!!! You guys are the shit tits!`1

Score: 0
Leslie	Jasper
Leslie Jasper1 year ago

I love this song´╗┐

Score: 0
Archie	Simon
Archie Simon1 year ago

Wow ! Superb Voted!

Score: 0
daleethan481 year ago

Love you Voted!

Score: 0
Leon	Moses
Leon Moses1 year ago

Great song in itself Voted!,

Score: 0
Philip	Steve
Philip Steve1 year ago

I like it very much!! Congrats again!!

Score: 0
mannpeter761 year ago

Love the song. You look amazing in it

Score: 0
thorpejoseph3721 year ago

It's awesome perfect songs Voted!!

Score: 0
Patrick	Clayton
Patrick Clayton1 year ago

It'a cool song

Score: 0

Perfect song Voted!

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