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MXYC Records
MXYC Records7 months ago

We are from the AR&R team of MXYC Records and we listened to your track and woow we loved it!
We would like you to send us your demonstration in our email "It is in our profile" and thus work together.

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HNYM (Part 1)
HNYM (Part 1)7 months ago

So so so so so Voted! Can u vote back for my latest mix? Thanks in advance

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LO-KOST7 months ago

Nice track ! That’s voted !
I'd be grateful if you checked my new track " When The Sun Goes Down " !
I’m currently number 13 and it would be great if you could help me to get into the top 10 ! :)

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Imereli7 months ago

Cool track, VOTED!
Please vote my track "Hermes"

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X157 months ago

You are searching for some fresh vibes ?
My new track "Awake" is out now !!

Enjoy and vote for it


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R3LIC7 months ago

awesome track! I like the chord progression! I voted and followed! If you have a second to vote back in return it would help a ton! If not that's totally fine too. Happy new year and best of luck in the talent pool!

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Marko Skye
Marko Skye7 months ago

Cool music, Energywolf,I will vote for it.
Please, check out my new song: The Old Tape and vote for it, too. Thanks for the support! :)

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TeenageBuddha7 months ago

Hey, liked your track. Could you please vote back on my track "Deal With That" and I'll vote back

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REINN7 months ago

Good sound work!
You have my vote.

If you have time, please check my new music "7 Colors".
Hope you'll like it and support me.

Good luck. Thank you

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delarosa7 months ago

Hey Energywolf, nice work on this track. Voted. Please check out my latest remix as well and vote / comment. Thanks in advance.

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Dave Baker
Dave Baker7 months ago

awesome! good track! I like!
Let's be mutual, listen to my new track "Rise of Darkness", leave a comment and vote!
good luck
all the best!
happy christmas

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TeenageBuddha7 months ago

Voted for you. Mind voting back on my song "Severed Ties"

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Dave Baker
Dave Baker7 months ago

exelent track! I like your style!
Let's be mutual, listen to my new track "Rise of Darkness", leave your comment and vote!
thanks good luck
all the best

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Duse20007 months ago

Voted back

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AWSM17 months ago

nice track, vote

I hope you also support me,with my new track "Hello"
By giving feedback to my music thank you very much
And good luck#@

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Rehabilitation7 months ago

Its good but its too short next time make it longer Voted!!

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DJ REWIND7 months ago

Awesome man!! Voted for you! Now following you too! I hope you will do the same. Please take a minute to vote for my track "Don't be so afraid"!

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Kevin Colin.
Kevin Colin.7 months ago

Hey really good track, I voted. 👍 Please check out my track ‘Summer Love’ and vote back.

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Annihilation7 months ago

Great job bro :D You have a very brilliant and professional sounddesign and mastering. I Like it very much and I hope you get what you earn for the hard work. It would be nice if you can vote back for me new track "To be Continued" with helenakandy :D Wish you luck in the contest!

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Lunagrath7 months ago

Excelente track en su totalidad...tienes mi voto...tambien te sigo por soundcloud...saludos y suerte.

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